Pete's just gotten out of 6 weeks in lockup after an incident at Ghetto in London... He started beating up his ex, chaos hit the club.

We're betting it inspires a new song: "ElectroRiot in the Ghetto."


Thanks to the wonderful Chloe Poems for mailing me to tell me that I'm on some new Dead or Alive DVD!!! LOL What a hoot.. i found a wee clip above....
I'm the first freshed faced 'punk' they cut to!! What a hoot and how skinny was I - Thats the constant diet of good 'speed' for ya! LOL
Thanks Chloe!

When we met you in person, I thought, wow, she looks just like that girl in the audience from that live Dead Or Alive performance!

I thought it a little before from some of the early pics you posted in Lucky Bitches, but never really thought it would be you...

Was this before or after he wrote your obit?

Thank u SO much for posting this...this is fascinating!!! The odd thing is that Steve is his ex-bf which is never mentioned.
What a messy life, and he is sooo acerbically bright, disturbed but sharp.
If I remember correct there was some issue back in Liverpool with animal cruelty... He's so self obsessed that I don't think the care of others really relate to him. I'm interested to know what happened to Lyn his long term wife.
Lynn is there....towards the end of the pics in the red the random aunts and neices in the photos. Guess Anna Nicoles invite got lost in the mail?
Pete was at Jackie, no, Click and Drag one time I was his "International Chrysis" phase...meaning that was the name of the band (hmmm, wonder where he got that name from). I wonder what Chrysis would have thought? Something tells me she would have been somewhat amused. With regards to the pictures, love all the boys and girls in Westwood...and he's so crazy for wearing that traditional kimono! then again it might be Galliano.
C'mon now pretty...
Don't be so "Condoleezza"!

She looks good.
At least it's not a pic of her horse-sized nut sack hanging out of a mini skirt! Red Face
Pete's in a bit of trouble. Frown


About That Sex Tape...

The Pete Burns sex tape is turning out to be no laughing matter!

The U.K. reality TV whore has posted on his website that he was concerned for his health because he had been in a monogamous relationship with his ex-boyfriend, they practiced "unsafe" sex and he's found out the bf cheated on him - with A LOT of guys. And the boyfriend was unsafe with his countless side tricks!
Here's what Pete has to say about the whole ordeal:
"Ok. i have seen it, everybody else will. I personally have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I can't speak for the other party involved in this, but then much to my horror during November it became clear that in the 5 years we were together half of London club land has participated in this sort of Side Show with my partner. Some of this evidence emerged through a tabloid and several of the partcipants attemped to blackmail me. I tried to keep a lid on it but it's been an ongoing debacle. I assure you this is not a Paris Hilton Stint on my part.
I have my ideas, who has actually sold this to a film company (because believe me, there is more). I didn't expect the dog to escape from my own kennel. These highly personal home movies were only ever in Michael's possession. As you can see, we obviously didn't participate in safe sex, I trusted he was monogamous. I have since found out that was a cast of thousands and Michael's flavour was definately 'unsafe'. you can imagine how I am feeling right now. My career looks like it's going to explode, I just hope my health doesn't.
Don't worry, what will be will be. If you feel the need, please express your gratitude to Michael for his first "not so silent movie".
Pete and Steve are selling some CLASSIC pieces.
So far the only thing that is sold is the "Heart goes Bang" jacket.

Details are below, and more is to come.
DEAD OR ALIVE / PETE BURNS Pieces of band history available for purchase ! RIGHT NOW !!

More details will follow, but those of you who have been wanting for years to own some rare Dead Or Alive items will soon have their chance.

Keep checking the site regularly, because the following pieces of band history are available for purchase :

-The purple outfits from the 'Spin Me' video
-Pete's leopard skin suit from the "Sophisticated Boom Boom" album cover
-Pete's leather biker jacket from the 'My Heart Goes Bang' video: the cool one with the mirrors on the front.

-Petes black velvet beaded Gaultier matador jacket- the one he wore for the 'Mad, Bad, and Dangerous To Know' sleeve.

- Steve's Gaultier leather jacket from the 'Save You All My Kisses' video.

The other items of clothing on the site are £500 each.

if anyone is interested in anything please get in touch with carlo or mistress rose and they ll pass it on.

There will also be some rare exclusive photos from the band collection, as well as videos, unreleased tracks, posters, and tour merchandise.

Info on rare photos etc will follow.

Please continue to visit this site and forum for updates.

Dead Or Alive staff
Some good news from The Official Site:
April 2009

Steve has confirmed that he is officially back as manager for Pete / Dead Or Alive. He and Pete are working on new material with a view to releasing later this year, possibly a new single to preview a new album in the summer. There will be exciting collaborations with known artists, more news to follow very soon. They are actively seeking a new record deal.
more news from the Official Site :

July 2009

We are pleased to confirm that Pete has co-written two new tracks with The Dirty Disco - these songs are called 'The Art' and 'Never Marry An Icon'. This collaboration will be billed as 'Pete Burns and the Dirty Disco'. They will soon be available on iTunes, so watch TRS

A merchandising deal has also been completed and there will soon be a line of Pete Burns / Dead Or Alive merchandise available via TRS, such as T-shirts, fleece tops, etc. Full details such as prices and ordering procedures will be posted when available.

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