It is surprising any exterminator would be using poison INSIDE a domicile. Usually poison is only used for outside purposes. The standard method for low-grade infestations inside is traps. If you poison rodents inside you end up with them dead inside the walls, under the stove, etc. and get the wonderful benefit then of smelling the stench of their rotting corpse. Verrryyyy dumb thing to do aside from exposing your fourlegged family members to the possibility of a horrible death.
Oh, poor kitty. So glad she's ok. We didn't even think about what would happen if our kitty got a poisoned mouse.

7 you are so right. Spring traps are fast, effective and probably the most humane (even more than letting a cat get them) We were kicking ourselves for not pulling up all the poison the minute they left.

Apparently the exterminator knew he was responsible for his employee's mistake because as soon as we told him there were over 21 doses in our apartment he offered to pay for ALL the vet bills. We didn't even need to ask.

They also made a big point of saying that paying the bills was in no way a full reinbursement of our trouble and the damage to our dog's health.

We were very lucky.
There have been several dogs stolen in the EV lately, all left tied up outside of stores. This is part of a larger wave of dog thefts in the city this year. PLEASE help repost this flier and BEWARE!


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