The Jackie 60 MCs.
Hattie Hathaway (aka Hatches), Chi Chi Valenti (aka Empress) and Paul Alexander (aka Opal Tuesday)


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Oh, those are all such cute photos, Daddy. Fabulous party! I was there but got a booty -- er, something came up -- before I could say hi. Ahem.

Originally posted by daddy:
And the ones that I took AFTER the brown acid kicked in.

Like this of the same people.
bring it to the west coast
for an immersion course in
all things brown.
but here's a list of brown items
to get you started:
dreamcatchers, rain sticks, beads & feathers, freeing mumia &/or tibet, heart circles, reiki...

anyone else care to contribute??
Burlap, macrame, composting, theatre troupes based around composting, and my favorite direct from the brown list...Jackson.

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