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From a friend of ours out in Pittsburgh...

Wed Oct 30th 8pm-2am at the upstage $10.00
As a big fan of electro clash and 80's music alike

I will be attending this show and hope to see many of you others there also.
Guests include: Radio Vago (L.A. Huoratron (Finland):Alpha control: Group C: Lorelei: + DJ Fututurisum

Also threw the night!!
Silent Art Auction, Free Buffet, cakewalk + costume contest: be a robot, scientist, alien or astronaut and win gift certificates.
Under Club Laga, Oakland. All ages show! 21 to drink.
Proceeds from this event will benefit continued cultural programming at backward on forward gallery/performance space in Squirrel Hill.
Guys this will be a blast please come out and have fun it's the night before the big Halloween party!!
What more can you ask for 2 days of parties where you can dress up all crazy and have a blast and listen to great music!!
Take care Party Monsters!!
Vaughn Michael
p.s. tell as many people as you can about this!!

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I agree it really is one impressive avatar. It amazed me when I first saw it. I was so glad to see it. It's far more appropriate than stock art. Quite begiling, a shout out to it's creator! Is it you Betty? I have to admit, I don't know you very well. We'll have to work on that. If so, you should really be proud.

Look at the hour! Tick Tock, I've got a ball to get too ... Oh and those mint/chocolate chip cupcakes 2 Die 4!
Love the Picasso on Google today, the Fly on MSN, and the Clive Barker commercial on Howard Stern. Good Job, hats off to all during this season of the witch.

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Have been several times to Pittsburgh when Johnny has DJed at the Warhol Museum. Always really enjoyed it - definately one of those up-and-coming cities where the bohemian lifestyle seems still possible.

Had a great experience the last time we went - think it was 1998 or thereabouts. At the big Warhol fiesta at the museum Blacklips/Jackie Legend Sissy Fitt was there in detourned Liza Minelli drag (fab!) We had a blast, and he introduced me to many local lights. One rather unassuming guy he brought me over to meet,-they greeted each other by first names, exhanged pleasantries, then he turned to me - "Chi Chi I'd like you to meet _________(think it was Tom, some first name like that.) He's our mayor."

It made me think, in the middle of Giuliani separatism how cool it was to have a mayor who greeted the local art trannies by first name!

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