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This forum began on the original boards as a way of building a kind of shared club history, especially about parties or venues that were before the WWW explosion and therefore largely undocumented.

In conversations with users about why they don't post here, some of them pointed out that the name of the Forum "Clubs We've Loved" is too one-sided, and they don't want to post about a club that they may have frequented because they didn't really love it.

That sounded fair enough, and so I'd like to throw the floor open to our members for other suggestions.

One I had was "Clubs We've Loved and Hated", but I think that still limits the postings. Any ideas are most welcome here!
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door people Ive hugged or hated! thats a good one. and Randella "yesterday when I was young" just OOZES. clubscepades too, tho its hard to say it or spell it.

how about "Clubs I Escaped from"?

alternative titles:

Back in the day...

When we were fabulous. . .

Before 9/11 happened. .

Things I dont want to remember but you're going to remind me of. . .

When I was younger. . .

Wig and eyelash people. .

stop me

frankly, di's "old haunts" says it all I think
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of course the bagel was from dizzys -i nice stale one though -but it bounced off my hard head-thrown at me by drunk german woman -whoose name i forget -but she used to come early to jackie-i think one night she left in an ambulance after going into an alcoholic stuper up the street(is she a german relative of messy bonnie ray?)
i think dizzy izzys should be a topic on its own -all the goings on there.

ted and di -thanks for the "doggy" bag -she loves it and is chewing a rawhide as i type!-love to you both
For all the great suggestions and thought put into this. "Clubbed To Death" seems to be a clear favorite, but one thing about it bothers me - I feel that it is so associated with Paper Magazine - its been a section in the magazine and the website I believe for many years.

Is this just me, or do others feel we need to have something more original?
I agree with chi chi -i guess i should read "paper" magazine -i just thought "clubbed to death" was funny - but if it's not original or has been used elsewhere-we should keep looking-i like the word "unclubbable" but cannot think of a way to use it -i also like triggers suggestion "the club chronicles"
OK, enough! I must insist that everybody stop loving Clubbed to Death right now. I mean it. And I pray I haven't posted too late to prevent it taking the honors. Frankly, as a nightlife expression it's been clubbed to death itself. For years. Trust me.
However, I rather liked B. Domination's Club Salad, solely for its whimsy. And in that vein, I'd like to suggest Club Melt, because a little cheese always adds flava to the dish, no? No, but really, Trigger's Club Chronicles is very serviceable indeed. Anyway, whatever.
Chi Chi, thanks for your kind words over in the Los Angeles section. Let it be known that I kowtow and salaam to your every waking moment. Always have, always will. I trust your serene highness will decide upon a geeeenius name. And Trigger, I'll reply to your long and out-of-nowhere email update very soon. I imagine you're as shocked to see me on these boards as I was to see you.
Kitty, use "unclubbable" in a sentence. It has potential.
Warm, dry kisses from L.A.

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