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We just got back from Portland and I realized that there isn't a Portland topic!
It's one of our favorite cities in the world.

There is a lot to write but I have to go so I'll just start with little this gem.

One night Thomas Lauderdale from Pink Martini took The Empress and I to "Gay Halloween Roller Skating" at the most gorgeous Coney Island style amusement park I have ever seen.
(More on that later)

While we were there this guy came up to The Empress and said how much she looked like Chi Chi Valenti from New York.

God, I love that city!
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The Japanese gardens are a great place to relax with a 'piney' northeast locally grown smoke, one rock garden has you with a great vista of Mt. Hood.

The whole city of Portland sits right on top of a dormant volcano crater, which shows on a lot of city maps. I think it definitely affects the city vibe.

If you get to Portland you have to take a trip up the Columbia River. Totally gorgeous with waterfalls almost every half mile.

It's also worth while to ride out to Cape Meiras especially if there is a storm on the coast. It's like Big Sur, only much more wild. The last time I went I camped right off the beach and bald eagles would just hang out over the camp.

Since the '90's Portland has seemed to just get more hip despite corporations migrating down from Seattle. There are a good number of swanky boutique hotels in the city and it is usually easy to find a really deep discount deal on a few at any given time if you aren't staying with friends.

I like Seattle but Portland is easier to get around and doesn't have the regionalist attitude.
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Good timing to add a Portland section! My partner and I just moved up to the Portland area about 3 weeks ago to buy a house. So far I am LOVING it!

The scene here is obviously not as big as NYC or San Francisco, but the people here are wonderful! I'm very excited to get involved in things here and am already hosting one of the cities biggest monthly parties next month!

If anyone ever makes it this way to visit shoot me an email and I'd love to meet up!

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