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To all of our registered users and supporters

I am delighted to announce that we are finally moving The Motherboards to a new community platform in January. The new platform will still maintain the spirit, look, membership and stored posts from our current edition. Hooray!

The new community platform allows us to integrate the boards with other social media that most of our members are using in some form, but it still allows a distinct and separate Motherboards identity if you prefer it that way. This was CRITICAL to maintain the level of discussions and extended family feeling that we've been lucky enough to share here.

Some of the new feature will include:

Ability to log in using your Facebook identity.

UNLIMITED posting of images - we are therefore removing premium (paid) memberships as a requisite for posting images, and will be discontinuing selling premium memberships immediately.

Integrated free user blogs and many other bells and whistles for your user profile and identity here, if you wish.

And, down the road, a Motherboards app for IPhone and Android. Woo-hoo!

May I assure you that you will still be able to participate in the forums only, as before and there will be little to no learning curve. Promise!

We are planning to move between December 22-28 or alternately January 4-10. We expect a 24-36 hour outage at most during that period, and will keep you posted as we move along.

In preparation for the move, please log in here if you havent done so in the last 12 months - we are ONLY moving our current membership with us.

Thank you and we are excited to finally be moving - we've waited over a year for Social Strata - our longtime community software providers and partners-in-newness - to finish developing and launch this platform, and its pretty terrific - Ill be posting a link to some sample pages soon..
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Thanks everyone for their good wishes and energy! This is going to be a fabulous change that we can take along our nine years of important stuff for...

I wanted to share these two links to a big virtual community that is using our new software already (I think they were the beta testers)

Now, its a UK-based forum about British TV, and they are still trying out layouts (a new one every day it would seem.) So ignoring the colors, just look at and explore the main forums page, similar to our existing

New Platform sample forums page:

and the community page, similar to our

New Community Page sample:

Though this "gagajoyjoy" community is very different than ours, it is certainly vibrant and fun to snoop around on..
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Well, preparations are going on and we have a firm date for the move, January 6. In preparation, this site will close for new posting on January 4 and reopen our 3.0 version sometime after January 6, we are hoping for the next day.

Info will be available on, which will remain up through the transition. We will also add a twitter stream to take us through the move and beyond.

We will be freezing our membership right after new years, so if you dont register by 12/31, please wait and do so at the new Motherboards on or after 1/7/11

We will be pruning old topics here as we are not moving old event listings with no discussion (in other words, event topics older than 6 months with only 1 post), old classifieds, etc. We WILL be taking ALL of the "shared knowledge" forums, i.e.

The Club Chronicles
The Endless Night
It Happened One Night
NYC Girls


We will be starting this process right after the gala party on Sunday (we'll start 12/20), so if you'd like a specific topic saved, just post your request in that topic.
Happy New Year everyone!

Our big move has been pushed back one week due to Mercury Retrograde and snowpocalypse issues. Every planet is now moving forward and so shall we.

The new timetable:

Boards will CLOSE Monday night 1/10 and our membership rolls will freeze too at that point. At some time on 1/13, we will be ready to unveil the new sites (The Forums are becoming their own community in which your Motherboards identity and login will continue to work).

We will email all members when the new communities are live and also post to a new mboards twitter account to update you throughout this process. Again, if you have any information on here that is precious to you and/or might be needed during the move, please email the topic to yourself or cut and paste.

Feel free to leave questions here.. VERY excited to be making these long-awaited moves!
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