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I thought I'd start a topic on PRINCE. Tonight I decided to stay home and spent most of the night listening to PRINCE tracks.

I must confess he is my favorite artist ever! In the late eighties when I was questioning my sexuality, listening to PRINCE totally convinced me that I was gay....I am forever greatful! I was a student in Paris when "The Sign of the Times" album came out. Everytime I hear any track from that album it reminds me of a beautiful time when I was 21, sexy, fresh, and totally clueless about my life ahead. I saw him for the first time in concert at Bercy during the "Lovesexy" tour. I melted.

Ever since Paris I've been a fan. The music of PRINCE makes me move on the dance floor like no other, can't quite explain it, but it is real.

I'd love to hear from other motherboarders their thoughts, opinions, influences and opinions on PRINCE. So, I open this topic and will contribute more...........

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A monster talent.
A total asshole.
Sorry dagulasu but he's a nightmare. I met him in the 80's, maybe he's grown up a little now but I doubt it.
I saw him perform one time in a little club (for about an hour). It was after performing at (I think) Madison Square Garden for like 4 hours. He was amazing. AMAZING! What a star!
When I have a minute I'll tell you some "asshole stories". He's a real creep.
Dish daddy dish

Prince... I think is one ALL time GREAT... unbelievable..also the best music to shag to.
consistently awesome...
Love the fact that he looks like a freak without being tooo too contrived .. not flashin hit tit or making out with Madonna.

The BEST night out I EVER HAD - ever - without a doubt was at one of the back in the 80s legendary private Prince parties...

I used to work at the hottest radio station in the UK then and so was lucky to always get invites and back then there was Gordon Gekko $ so we were all on radio station payola $$ being flown for a night over to Paris at the George V just for a Prince party... then the next night in London .. I remember the night so well cos the love of my life (Daddy u met him the Maltese bloke) dumped me this night and I was TOTAL drama-school nervous breakdown..sobbing uncontrollably at a bar wedged btw Eddie Murphy and Mickey Rourke (in the camden palace) telling Eddie and mickey my problems while Prince perched at the end of the bar serenaded us..and Sinead o Conner was trying desparately to shag Mickey... It was just a surreal moment but un-fuckin believable... i think i was the only non-celeb in there...and all night they got up one by one and were jamming songs with him Annie Lennox, Mica Paris, Bananarama, Sinead... (Boy) George will remember it.. he was there...
Just one of those amazing moments cos I was having a major breakdown...and it was so juxtaposed to the UBER top level 80-s stars, OTT drink and food and entertainment all night an there was me just sitting there sobbing!! LOL bizzare but somehow I had THE best night ever! LOL
Well, apparently he is still a nightmare. The Grammys want him to replace the 86'ed Janet Jackson for the opening act, but apparently his demands are thwarting the committee (or whoever hires these people for these award things)- he has a list- limos, hotel rooms, special things for all his entourage- and apparently more over the top than all the other one can only imagine.

And if you watch the Driven documentary on Carmen Electra on VH1, they give you lots of dish on Prince. How he basically locked her up at Paisley Park in Minnesota while "launching" her career. Each night he made her wait up for him in full war paint (you know lashes, lips, etc), full done hairdo, bustier, thigh high stockings, heels, so when he got home he could do her; she said sometimes he didn't get home until 4ish. His first video he did for her 'conceptually' was a number where she sang, but basically did a striptease and danced on a pole. High concept, but her debut album flopped, he dumped her, and moved on the next hottie he could mold.

He may be a freaky high heeled Napoleonic Svengali, but there is no argument that his music from the 80s is magic.
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He is a genius... and the hotties he attracts ... those chicks are what I call REAL women... you know T&A... Carmen, Diamonds an Pearls, Maytai (or whatever her name was)... plus he defo has an eye for talent.. Rosie Gaines, Candy Dufler, Wendy and Lisa, Sheila E. Very clever... Unlike Madge I think i combines other folks talent with his and promotes others as opposed to just stealing ideas... His stuff still stands up today... and is TOTAL proof that you can be a poison dwarf and still be hot and sexy!
It must have been 1991 or so, in New Haven and Prince was leaving a Fundraiser at Yale that I attended. National Endowment of the Art's. A choir of 9 and 10 year olds performed, and were totally awesome. One of the young girls from the choir introduced herself, and extended for a hand shake to Prince. He glared at her and put on his leather gloves before shaking her hand.
Prince is a great musician and one of my all time favorites, but I never felt the same about him.
What confuses me, isn't this the same guy who went down on Sheila E? What could this little kid pass on to him that Sheila couldn't?
But he does make great music.
My first memories of Prince are when I was about 14 or 15 and I was told this total genius from Minneapolis was appearring at an "alternative" dance space in downtown Detroit called St Andrews Hall. This had to be 1979 or maybe 1980. We got to Detroit and witnessed something that was truly life changing for me. This little guy with rock and roll hair, a gold bikini bottom, army jacket and cowboy boots held the audience under a spell for almost 2 hours. He was soooooo effortlessly sexy, and sensitive and ferocious and cocky and beautiful all at the same time. He handled the guitar like a lover. His body moved in ways I had never seen live and up close. He sang some song called SISTER about incest I think. I lost my mind. It wasnt no time until he was a full fledged star and I always had the memory of seeing him FIRST. I love his song The Beautiful Ones!! It is such a part of my adolescence. International Lover is also a fabulous song as well. I think my all time "get up and shake your ass" song is Dance Music Sex Romance. That song to this day makes me soooo happy to be in a room where it is being played. I must have seen Purple Rain at the local theatre 25 or 30 times when it came out. I saw the Purple rain concert as well and maybe 2 others after that. The last time I saw Prince perform live was at Jones Beach of all places and he made his entrance on a barge! Perfection! Prince is such a unique talent. I really think he is our generations Bob Dylan. His music is thought provoking and meaningful. He also knows how to GET THE FUCK DOWN!!! I am such a fan! He made me love lace wayyyyyy before Madoodoo wore those tired accessories. The most genius people are often times the most complicated. Nuff said.
Still recupurating from last week concert at Club Black, not only was Prince inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but, he came out for a 1:45 AM kick ass performance, with the likes of Maceo Parker, and a duet with Alicia Keys. I went with my dear friend Alice, bass player from Candy Ass, Sexpod, and Psychic TV. We were both in tears when Maceo appeared on stage! What a magic concert, and worth the 2 hour wait to get in!!!!

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