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Marco Effe

[Inmotion | Cecille | Cocoon - ITALY]

Born and raised in Livorno in 1985, Marco Effe is con*sid*ered to be one of the most promis*ing Ital*ian tal*ents. Within an extremely short time span, Marco is rais*ing up and man*aged to achieve world*wide recog*ni*tion. This has mainly to do with his remark*able pro*duc*tions, which have found their way into the DJ cases of all inter*na*tional global play*ers. It was the year 2007 when Marco began to com*pose his own music and imme*di*ately felt the grow*ing desire to pub*lish his first release. And so he did, “Wet June EP” was released in Novem*ber 2008. His first out*put gave him imme*di*ate recog*ni*tion and was a great success!

From that moment on this thriv*ing new*comer never looked back and Marco used the given oppor*tu*nity to improve his busi*ness rela*tion*ships. The final result, he ended up work*ing together with the estab*lished label Big City Beats (Frank*furt). Marco’s tal*ent is finally revealed and his career really gets started. 2010 he does it again, the “Malaysia/Muar EP” (one of his EP’s numer*ously played by Richie Hawtin in that year) once again made its impact and influ*enced the entire global club scene. This land*mark release found its home on Break New Soil, Gre*gor Tresher’s mar*velous label. This allowed him to get in touch with Tresher´s book*ing agency, enabling him to become a mem*ber of their inter*na*tion*ally star stud*ded fam*ily affairs roster.

In spring 2010 he returns with a new release on the album “CÉcille Italy”. His track is called “Janet” and clearly show*cases his unmis*tak*able House/Tech-House style. His ensu*ing “From Kalida To Hyden EP”, pub*lished on Dub*fire’s bril*liant label “Sci+Tec” and is an ele*gant musi*cal jour*ney into sonority.

Marco Effe moved to Berlin in 2011 and a year later he releases “Jel*lied Eels” on Cocoon’s Dots & Pearls 2” It’s easy to hear why this has been sit*ting in the sets of Sven VÄth and Luciano for some time. Marco Effe is also part of “Raw Verse” a new alias he uses to pro*duce spe*cial tracks receiv*ing recog*ni*tion world*wide. Marco is by now with*out a doubt a young and extremely ambi*tious artist, who can already put a check mark behind most of the top rank*ing events and clubs in Europe, such as the Water*gate Berlin, Time Warp Italy, Cocoon Club Frank*furt, Stu*dio 80 Ams*ter*dam, Sankeys Man*ches*ter, Harry Klein Munich, and many more. The high-class labels such as Break New Soil, CÉcille, Sci+Tec, Tronic, Cocoon Record*ings are appro*pri*ate for all his lat*est releases.

Thanks to his superb tech*ni*cal skills, his truly unique DJ sets, his abil*ity to con*quer every crowd with his amus*ing and delight*ful style, Marco Effe is at the fore*front of today´s elec*tronic music scene!

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