A brilliantly contradictory quote from Senator Ruben Díaz, Sr.

2009 - NY Senator Díaz "I’m not homophobic. I have a problem with gay marriage. I have no problem with gays."

Let's entertain this for a little while:

Someone in 1966: "I’m not Racist. I have a problem with Interracial marriage. I have no problem with non-whites."

Someone in 1953: "I’m not Racist. I have a problem with Blacks attending the same College as me. I have no problem with Blacks."

Someone in 1919: "I’m not Sexist or a Misogynist. I have a problem with Women Voting. I have no problem with Women."

This is a Genius visual representation/flow chart of the Marriage debate.


My favorite, apparently a verified quote.:

"What's non sequitur? mean? Do I have to look it up in a fag-to-English Dictionary?"

You'll notice that all of Darla's arguments are covered too. Wink
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Britta gets to come home! Woo Hoo! What a great Pride gift. Now if the state can only get around to passing same-sex marriage...

From Carla:

> Hello all
> well are you all sitting down? !!!!
> Britta has been released from detention. I was not able to tell you
> until now as it happened quite fast and with the kindest of help
> from our New York Congressman.. and The offices of Immigration. She is
> now staying with friends over the weekend to recoup and
> Yes , Britta will be flying home Monday or Tuesday. Her case has now
> been transferred to New York..
> I am still in a bit of shock, but I would like to thank each one of
> you for your amazing support. Our letter campaign was what did it.
> More will come later
> my deepest appreciation for all you did to assist in Britta's homecoming
> yours
> Carla
I say a big heaping plate of potato salad for all! Congrats Britta. And may good luck continue to follow you!

Britta's case is a perfect example of why we need these marriage laws changed NOW!

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