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Brazilian Artist Michel Groisman has been exploring social interaction, elements of play and transformation in a variety of performances and interactive events since he graduated from the University of Rio de Janeiro (1994) in music. Groisman has evolved his study of inanimate musical instruments into a study of the human body and its relationship to materials and mechanisms of all kinds. Through these investigations, Groisman has created new “instruments” to be used collectively, and wearable devices to exquisitely challenge the preconceptions of performance. For his NYC Premiere, as part of his first US tour, Groisman brings four pieces - two solo performances (Porta das Mãos and TransferÊncia) and two interactive group experiences (Sirva-se and Polvo) - to Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. All of the work closely and organically interrogates how we, as humans, share information, communicate, and conjoin. As a forum to discuss many of these ideas, a free Long Table Discussion on Proximity will be held on Saturday, September 24 at 61 Local, a bar located two doors down from The Invisible Dog, and will be followed by a game of Polvo.


The interdisciplinary nature of Michel Groisman’s work has earned him art research scholarships from several institutions, including Rioarte (2004), Vitae (2002) and Uniarte da Faperj (2000). His work has been shown in museums and performance festivals such as: Tempo exhibition, MoMA in New York; II Bienal of Lima; festival de La BatiÊ, in Geneve; Festival InTransit the Berlin Lab, in Germany; Desviaciones, in Madrid; and Encontros Acarte in Lisbon, among others. Since 2004 he has been developing a partnership with Gabriela Duvivier, improv coach and Alexander Technique teacher as well as with Sung Pyo Hung, photographer and video maker. Recently he has developed a project that has been awarded the Rumos Dance of Itaú Cultural and has participated in the 29 Biennial of São Paulo.


Wednesday, September 21

3 - 5PM: Sirva-se (Serve Yourself) FREE, recommended for families w/ children

8PM: Porta das Mãos (Door of Hands) $20


Thursday, September 22

8PM: TransferÊncia (Transference) $20

9:30PM: Sirva-se (Serve Yourself) FREE for attendees of TransferÊncia


Friday, September 23

7PM: TransferÊncia (Transference) $20

9:30PM: Porta das Mãos (Door of Hands) $20


Saturday, September 24

1 - 5PM: Polvo (Octopus) FREE, recommended for families w/ children

6PM: A Long Table on Proximity FREE and open to the public, located at 61 Local (61 Bergen St.)

8PM: Polvo (Octopus) FREE for participants of the Long Table, located at 61 Local (61 Bergen St.)


Sunday, September 25

2 - 4PM: Sirva-se (Serve Yourself) FREE and open to the public


To buy tickets, make reservations for free performances, and see more info please visit


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