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(From the same crew that brought you "GENERATE")

Things are changing  fast. The scene we all love, the sound we all want, the vibe we all  search for. One thing we all know is you can't stop the change. Things  can never be what they were, but the "essence" can be reborn again. Join  us as we all come together under one roof. As the music comes together,  so do the dancers. As we unify, so do the vibes. Come bear witness, as  we all combine!!! It's time to RE-GENERATE...



Anthony Nero "Nerotic" has rocketed to the top of the DJ world. After  *(17) years behind the decks he continues to create dance floor history  weather performing on Fox 5 Morning Show or performing for packed crowds  of 5,000 or more all over the USA and around the world as a headlining  DJ/Producer and Promoter of his own monthly party “Nerotic“ . With the  closing of 2010 Anthony got a late Christmas present when his remix for  MOB's "Sex Scandal" out on Off The Charts Records, Hit #1 on the Juno  Charts! In New York City he has main floor residency and headlining  appearances in just about every single Super club including Limelight,  Roxy, Sound Factory, Exit and 5 years at the legendary Tunnel

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Succeeding in the competitive world of DJ'ing takes hard work, good  fortune and talent. New York based DJ, Melissa Nikita displays all of  the above attributes and a
keen ability to consistently rock the scene. some International Venue as  follows: "Lollipop 5 Techno Festival" in Quebec City, Canada; "I LOVE  TECHNO" festival at club Sotano in Caracas Venezuela. Some National  Venues include: Hpnotiq Liquors "Launch Party/Hugo Boss Fashion Show @  Oceano' in San Juan, Puerto Rico, MYLifeStyle Magazine 1 year  anniversary party @ The Samsung Theater in NYC, Club Emerald City in  Philadelphia opening for Jonathan Peter's, who was voted America's # 1  DJ in 2006 by DJ Times, "Return 2 Paradise" at club Therapy, R. I.  Constantly growing as an artist, performer and DJ, Melissa Nikita is  poised to make her mark on the electronic music industry and establish  herself as a force to be reckoned with on the global techno scene. The  journey has just begun..

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VTONE has been a predominant force in the business for over ten years.  Consistently booked week in and week out, VTONE performs in a wide array  of clubs and lounges throughout. Some national venue's included Club  Therapy, Rhode Island, B-lo, Strata, Go, infamous NYC names such as  Exit, Roxy, Crobar ..a main floor opening showcase at the legendary  "Limelight", Avalon; Avalon's "Spider Club", Sound Factory, Spirit, Taj,  Duvet, Kantra, NY's landmark; Roseland Ballroom closing for TIESTO on  New Year’s Eve, followings thereafter included a three year residency at  PACHA.

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Lestat is a  ELECTRO/PROGRESSIVE producer and DJ from Brooklyn, New York. He is new  to the scene and is quickly catching fire with his unique style of  mixing. He is an artist on the rise and someone to keep your eye on.

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DJ Richie Orlando  was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. At 16 years old, he touched the  tables for the first time. Years later in 2007, he decided to follow his  heart and go with the path that he should've went down a long time ago.  Once again picked up like he never left... Except this time it was  Techno and House... or as he likes to call it, THE KRACK...His love and  passion for the music is the Energy you feel in the vibe he creates... A  real crowd mover.. His ability to take you on a musical journey w/ bass  driven beats and suspenseful vocals...Has touched the crowds of venues  such as, Pacha, District 36, Webster hall, envy, Green House, Cosmoss,  M2, HK, Glass, Eden, just to name a few. in NYC also Miami and  California, at spots such as Vice, central, blue moon, Sky bar, Bacata,  and the legendary Avalon. and now on the road w/ productions. you can  guarantee nothing short of FIRE on every track he works on...Whether or  not its hip-hop or dance... it’s almost a sure thing that it’s a  BANGER!!! So, look out for this rising star... Cause his passion and  love for music will make him a future favorite...

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With music is his passion  from a young age, and Trance, being his ideal style of choice, Anthony,  although a new DJ, is not fresh to the EDM scene. Being a  Producer/DJ/Composer, and sibling to NYC's own DJ Melissa Nikita, he has  his acquired the taste early on. Taking the world of uplift and  progressive to the next level, Anthony is definitely an artist with  passion. Trance, is not music. It's a way of living. Trance Is Life



21 +


$20 to Enter

Tickets available at...

$10 Pre sale till Dec 17th.
$15 Pre sale Dec 17 - Dec 29th.

---------- Open Vodka bar from 10 P.M. - 11 P.M. ----------
----- Free bottle of champagne for ever group of 5 Girls. -----


36-14 31st Street
Astoria NY 11103


For Info and Reservations
Call 718.606.9241

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