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Hi kids-

We're back and in full-on production for this year's LOW LIFE @ HOWL! So, roll a fattie, slip on your best flapper/viper drag, and come join us in the park Labor Day Sunday at 5 PM..

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On September 6, JACKIE FACTORY producers CHI CHI VALENTI and JOHNNY DYNELL will present their third annual LOW LIFE to crown this year's HOWL! FESTIVAL. LOW LIFE is a "Howlucination" created by the JACKIE FACTORY as an evening climax for HOWL! - a two hour theatrical showcasing the East Village - and especially, The Bowery, in a lavishly costumed production starring dozens of downtown's finest.

This year's edition - LOW LIFE 3: VIPER MAD - is inspired by the early 20th century "viper" culture shared by downtown (and Harlem) jazzmen and hipsters, the opium dens of nearby Chinatown and other Olde New York drug cultures. The rich repertoire of "Viper Songs" popularized by CAB CALLOWAY, FATS WALLER and dozens of ensembles through the 20s, 30s and 40s will be interpreted in dance numbers, vocal and musical performances, burlesque and drag renderings. A time-traveling, bawdy and witty cavalcade of talent, this show is definately not recommended for children!

This year's marijuana-tinged edition features two MCs - PAUL ALEXANDER (of "The Ones" and JACKIE 60) with EMPRESS CHI CHI VALENTI, the show's co-producer. The splendid cast includes burlesque Goddess DIRTY MARTINI, choreographer JULIE ATLAS MUZ with the PIXIE HARLOTS in "REEFER MADNESS", New Bowery crooner ADAM DUGAS, butoh ensemble VANGELINE THEATER (who will reprise their "Butoh Brothel" for this special edition), period visionaries JONNY PORKPIE and NASTY CANASTA with PINCHBOTTOM BURLESQUE, international Dragstar SHERRY VINE of East Village based THEATRE COUTURE with special guest JOEY ARIAS (of ARIAS WITH A TWIST), THE NEW YORK SCHOOL OF BURLESQUE choreographed by founder JO BOOBS WELDON and featuring MISS PEEKABOO POINTE, nightclub eminence HATTIE HATHAWAY, sensationalist AMBER RAY, Red Hot Mama ERICKATOURE AVIANCE, reefer striptease by MISS MELODY SWEETS, vocal stylings of MR. PATTY BRUCE, and Viper Vamps DARLINDA JUST DARLINDA, LEGS MALONE and HEATHER LITTEER aka JESSICA RABBIT DOMINATION.

Dress Up and join us in the park! Wear NYC demimonde evening effects (1860-2010), Viper Glamour, Ragtime Rags, Cab Calloway effects for Butch Women, corsets and vintage lingerie, Opium Den loungewear, Gangs of New York, Reefer motifs, First Avenue Flapper, Top Hats or Bowery Punk.

The LOW LIFE events were inspired by the seminal LUC SANTE book "LOW LIFE: The Lures and Snares of Old New York." The annual LOW LIFE extravaganzas at HOWL! continue a body of work born at JACKIE 60 over a decade ago, with past editions in London, Minneapolis and of course, the 2007 and 2008 HOWL! Festivals. For the show's producers, East Village residents for over two decades, this annual show is a Valentine to the neighborhood's past, present and future stars.

THE HOWL! FESTIVAL was named in honor of the groundbreaking poem by ALLEN GINSBERG and began in 2002. HOWL celebrates the East Village and Lower East Side's role as a preeminent locus of culture, with signature events like the group reading of HOWL and ART AROUND THE PARK. Centered in Tompkins Square Park, the festival attracts more than 100,000 visitors bringing to the clubs, galleries, parks, streets, and theaters of Manhattan's Lower East Side. Summer 2009 marks the addition of HOWL! HELP, a year-round emergency assistance/health fund for East Village/Loisaida artists of all eras and disciplines - visit the website for more information.

More on last year's edition at the LOW LIFE '08 page
Pictures from last years edition at LOW LIFE @ HOWL! 2008 on FLICKR
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Who's on When?

A SPECTACULAR show this year, with about 35 performers in 14 show segments...

Here is this year's Running Order, so you can be sure to catch your friends and idols..And YES - THIS SHOW GOES UP ON TIME!!!!

5 PM NY School of Burlesque
5:10 Patty Bruce
5:20 Heather Litteer (Jessica Rabbit)
5:25 Amber Ray
5:35 Pinchbottom Burlesque
5:40 Ericktoure Aviance
5:50 Vangeline Theater
6 PM Darlinda Just Darlinda and Legs Malone
6:10 Miss Melody Sweets
6:15 Adam Dugas
6:25 Dirty Martini
6:30 Sherry Vine and Joey Arias
6:40 Julie Atlas Muz + Pixie Harlots

MCs this year are myself and PAUL ALEXANDER, and "easel honors" belong to special guest FAUXNIQUE (SF) Also, guest MC HATTIE HATHAWAY will appear around midway through the show!

Can't wait, now back to the giant reefer construction and Fats Waller...
Congrats to all the performers, Empress and Daddy for bringing such a knock out treat to the neighborhood.
Big park crowd, breezy weather for the day.
I had a great time and you are all so gracious and fun to pull a show off with.
And Ms. Sweets, I told you, no prop like that gets lost for long on 'my' stage!
Applause for Dale's production notes and easy does it stage management.
But Daddy, next time wait until the show starts before you get inebriated, that way maybe your intro music wouldn't have "fallen out somewhere." Sammy wouldn't let you get away with that.
It's always the best to see so many m'boards supporters turn out and especially these days to know you are all holding up and still living the life with everything you've got.
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First chance to pop on and say how delighted I was with EVERYTHING on Sunday - the shows, our superb crew and that GORGEOUS audience - so many legends out - generations of them. LOVED seeing Bob Holman right up front with Bruce Benderson, Kitty Boots, Mike Ford (yay!), Formika,Tigger, Judy Vee, Bobby Miller (who did VIP door for us for a stretch, thanks hon!), my dear dog run peeps (and their dogs), Miss Paige, Rob Roth, Zazoo and Satori, it goes on and on. And so many others that I didnt get to see, but have since heard you were there. SO GREAT to see everyone, and what a treat to MC for that crowd..

Just started a FLICKR set - the photo editing will take a while, but if you have any great ones do post them here or send them along..

VERY happy to start a new season so well - thanks to ALL who were a part of it. A reminder that HOWL! continues all month in venues around the nabes - check these sites for all the details, or Hattie's topic here..
East Village Howler (Blog)
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