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Hmmm ... this is a long shot ...

Is there anyone here who attended, or remembers, the birthday party thrown for the French novelist Alain Robbe-Grillet by his wife Catherine on Halloween in 1982?

Guests gathered at the Mudd Club from where we were blindfolded and ferried by minibus to an undisclosed location that turned out to be (I think ...) somewhere between Avenues C and D.

I was a naive young thing in those days, freshly arrived in NYC, and I didn't know the city at all well, so I can't figure out exactly where this party was held (the blindfold didn't help!). Can anyone help with details?

This was the first party I attended here, and it was a memorable occasion, at least for me.
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How thrilling a question...I have some vague memory of that night, but pretty sure we werent there, that its from pictures or other accounts. Johnny Dynell and I were both fired from the Mudd Club on the same night in 1980 (the Soul Party), because we threw a beer bottle at legendary owner and gnome Steve Mass!

And WELCOME to the (posting side of)The Motherboards!

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