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I wonder if there are any others who are fascinated/obsessed with Robbie Williams, the cheeky Brit bad boy who is a huge superstar everywhere but the States (much like Kylie, in fact they did a duet in 2000 which was huge hit elsewhere).

His new album Escapology was released on Monday, and one can listen to it in it's entirity on his website...Robbie Williams

His lyrics are amazing, as he makes fun of himself, superstardom, pop culture, and makes vague ambiguous mentions about his sexuality (a great marketing gesture as it keeps everyone guessing), and he knows how to craft a pop song. And of course, his rough-n-tumble good looks and swagger don't hurt his appeal one bit either.

So any other Robbie fans?
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Ok.... got the dish on Robbie.... allegedly!

my mate from Liverpool (of course of course)Chas plays drums from Robbie and tells me he is a jolly nice chap...a bit of a prat sometimes and a big party animal..they recorded a VH1 session last year in the Sony studios which i went to, but there was just nobody there... i guess so few people know who he is over here...he's a bit 'too normal-bloke-real' to be an American pop star... not guided by a publicist you know

I see that he is 'dating' Rod Stewarts ex wife, Rachel Hunter... but I also hear dish dish... that he joined another bloke and a woman for a 3 some recently in LA - allegedly allegedly...ahem So, who knows, he might risk it for a biscuit.

He also used to date the singer from Atomic Kitten who recently 'sold her story' about having a abortion to him while in NYC....

so therrrrrrrrrrryaaaago!
interesting dish...

A cultural observation I have that this whole forum demonstrates is that there is a certain segment of society that has their icons. Usually this is typical (but not exclusive to) the gay population. For me, I have several icons that I border on worhsip/obsession to varying degrees (Robbie Williams to name one...Barbra, Boy, Dusty, Judy Collins to name others), but many of us who have these iconic lusts are gay or transgenders. Think about many "straight" men & women are fascinated by those usually recognized by one name- Cher, Bette, Diana, Judy, and so one (*scary side note: Michael Jackson's worship turned him into a horror show). Not all of us have this behavioral trait though (and if we do it varies to degrees), and sometimes I wonder if it is a hold over (and hanger on) from adolescence? Of course, the forum here is a bit more esoteric which reflects the unique compilation that is these boards, but all the more interesting.

One possibility for this behavior is the attraction to the story behind the entertainer or performer. It goes beyond the music or artristy somehow. Usually their is some emotion that comes through in their schtick along with triumph and tragedy that is so appealing to us. There is that common element, if you think about it...

Hmmm, perhaps a little too philosophical for a Saturday morning. Maybe I should get back to wanting dish on Robbie...

And I think I want to go to Berlin in July to see him in concert...the tickets are available now on his website. I saw him the one time he was here in NYC in Oct 99 at the Hammerstein. One of his icons is Tom Jones, and it showed definitely (and I used to watch Tom Jones' tv show as a kid and be fascinated by his dancing & singing in those SO tight pants). But you could see the influence and idoltry- Robbie wore a Gucci suit at the start, which he worked his way out of as time went on, and just sweated & strutted like a fucking peacock through the whole show, mmmm...
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As for dish--this isn't great, but apparently Nicole Kidman was being interviewed by an American journalist and mentioned that Robbie Williams is gay. Noticing that the journalist's jaw was on the floor, she gave him quizzical look and said that he's pretty much out to most of his friends and that she didn't think it was a big secret. She may've been playing, I don't know. Sorry, I can't cite a reference, but I've heard this more than once from different sources.

He is cute, definitely has the hot bloke vibe.
Of course I have no idea who this Robbie is but I'm always happy to spread rumors.

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I have to confess my sins..... if you like Robbie maybe you might be with me on this one.... but i really wouldn't mind 'having a go of' Enrique Inglesias.... yeah he looks like an arrogant sod.. but he is defo one of those hottie studchickens who i would shag and make sure i came but wouldn't let them cum... you know... really enjoy just taking the wind out of them...till they are beggin... ya dig? or is this my sad bastard fantasy... he seems like he needs someone to teach him a lesson.. wow... i really am a (female) Top... huh!
Now, as one of his previous albums past, there is a secret track on his new album Escapology...6 minutes past the end of the 14th track (which you only hear if you just let it continue to play through the silence)...and at the end of the song, he sings this ditty about failed love (?), but he cattily mentions in one line "where has gary barlow gone?"- the former lead singer of Take That. Meow. But then the lyrics trail off into "what if Eve could not conceive, and he had to breed with Steve, and then we'd all be gay," as he trails off in giggles. True to form & it continues to spark speculation & interest...
Well, the following blind item appeared (in different permutations) in several tabloids, and was (apparently) run as a NON-blind item at one point (I'm sorry that I can't provide sources). Robbie is the subject of the blind item, and the mouthy (heh) former partner is Max Beesley.

"This filthy-rich, young and supposedly straight English male singer apparently engages in threesomes with other, supposedly straight members of the same sex. No-one would have found out about the liaisons had one of the singer's previous shags not been so impressed with the size of the star's member that he had to tell all."

ETA: technically this is *alleged*, don't want to get anyone in trouble.
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8 JANUARY 2003
Robbie Williams is set to follow in the footsteps of rock wildman Ozzy Osbourne by making a "reality TV" show.

Programming chiefs at MTV have reportedly offered the singer £1 million an episode to star in his own series. The former Take That star would face a tough challenge to equal the phenomenal success of The Osbournes, however, which dominated US ratings in 2002.

"Robbie was a guest at Ozzy and Sharon's party, during which they renewed their wedding vows," revealed a source in Los Angeles. "During the evening he met some MTV executives and made a great impression on them. He was doing impersonations and telling jokes and he even broke out into song. He was the life and soul of the party."
And speaking of bionics, Robbie Williams has signed a new contract with EMI to the tune of $150 mill for 6 albums- 4 new ones & 2 greatest hits packages. Considering EMI had to pay screeching kookoo bird Mariah Carey 23 million just to get out of her contract in her post-Glitter era, that is a lot to invest in a singer/performer.

Now as for his own reality show...hmmm, that would be interesting, considering his dynamo personality, cheeky humor, the shades of grey in his sexual interests, and just his randy nature. I'd watch for sure.
I would opt for door #2, the "tortured" relationship option, since I seem to be very good at getting involved with straight men who have desires & dalliances with the special girls. I would definitely fall hard and get sucked into the drama. Ooh, it sounds so delicious would be worth it all. Very Boy George & Jon Moss...

Though didn't he do Gerri Hallowell years ago already? Is he back up on her again?

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