Just watched "The Royal Tenenbaums". Couldn't help notice the striking resemblence between Angelica Huston and Rose Royalle!

Certainly we all have our own Rose Royalle anecdotes, real and imagined!!!
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Oh God the stories I could share about Rose. I will share that our start was less than smooth. I will share that Flawless sabrina made us realize the silly way we percieved each other. I will share that thru the years Rose has proven to be a person I value dearly as a friend and a team player. I will share she is not a bitch to get on her bad side. I can honestly say her experience as a freak in NYC from the late 50's to now is astonishing and forever interesting. Her experiences in the art world fascinate me. Her willingness to help out but never be taken advantage of is a good lesson to people starting in this business. Rose Royalle is a fantastic cook, and I have enjoyed many meals with her. I will share I treasure our late night phone chats, and she has one of the most wicked senses of humor EVER. Rose is a great friend. her wealth of knowledge so far surpasses schlepping drinks in dingy clubs. Her flair for the ridiculous and the sublime is gorgeous to watch thru a room. Rose is one of a kind!!
She really is the salt of the earth. Such a giving person. And her drag is so underrated... Always amazing! I adore her.
why are we talking about Rose? Did she die?


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Her drag is astounding! Ya know in all the years of Click I don't recall her ever repeating an outfit. Now thats saying something! she has come up with some real interesting ones over the years. I can't imagine what her closet looks like.
I was always so flattered when Rose would show up at the Mile High Club, and in full drag to boot. The fact that she would really represent and come out for my modest little party always made me feel so good. Or when she would go out of her way to tell she enjoyed my performance or a number ... she's seen so much, I felt her praise was something genuine to be given and cherished and a reason to keep going.

And I've NEVER seen her wear the same the same thing twice.
Actually, Rose's entire apartment functions as one huge closet. I guess every time she hits the streets, she coming out of the closet!

God, what a horrible joke.

Where's my drink?


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