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Greetings, fellow nightclubbers,

I am helping my friends at Rubulad with their fundraising campaign as they search for a new venue. Please help them out if you can.

Thank you!


• Rubulad is looking for a new home. They need your support!
• They hope to raise $35,000 with their Kickstarter Campaign.

• Each level of pledges receives a thank-you gift.


Their Kickstarter page reads, “Make Rubulad’s Dream Home Come True” and their $35,000 goal is achievable if everyone who’s ever attended their event – or one like it elsewhere – contributes. Hoping that support extends to all believers in underground culture, they are offering an assortment of “prizes” that will convince people to open their wallets. Based on pledge amounts, the collborative crew – including renegade do-ers Chicken John Renaldi and Jeff Stark -- is consipring to make “giving” a reciprocal situation. Enticements range from original artwork to souvenir panties and custom piñatas to a “pop-up 15-minute Rubulad” right in your own home.

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