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Performance, Ritual, Celebration: A fusing of Modern Bellydance, Video Projection, and Sound Meditation to form a collective journey into dance as a shamanic form, presented by Solstice Studio, and the East Coast Tribal Salon.


June 25th, 2011

7:00pm (Doors)

Broad Street Ballroom

41 Broad Street, NYC,10004

$20 in advance | $25 at Door
purchase Tickets here:

Upon entry into our magnificent performance venue, you will be swept into an ancient and magical space bathed in 3 walls of unique video projection art by Masha Pekurovsky.  You will be greeted by downtempo tunes, a Tribal market of uniquely handcrafted goods, a bar, and bake sale by the Solstice Studio Kitchen Witches.  Take your seat and embark upon a journey beginning with a Sound Meditation by ethnomusicologist, composer, and musician Alexandre Tannous. Vocalist/Musician Kai Altair will then lure you further on our journey with a song composed specifically for this event with percussion by Natasha Perlaza. Dancers will then present evidence of their vision quests, in short choreographed pieces which fit together in a larger format of ritual, exploring the spirit Elements of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. Our evening will culminate in several group choreographies by Sera Solstice, and will be released into an open dancefloor with drum circle led by Brian T. Carter and the Brooklyn Drum Circles.



Images (3)
  • SacredLandscapes
  • Solsticetribalmassivebytaboomedia: These are some of the perfomers you will see at the event, including Sera Solstice
  • Rakkasah_East_2010_by_Brian_Lin: Lunar Tribe, from a previous show.
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