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With the TEENAGE MUTANTS, the DJ/producer one-man-show based in Mainz/Germany, who originally started as a duo two years ago, there is no radioactive turtles, rarely any pizza, and certainly no New York storm sewers involved. Yet the name giving Turtle Bros have one thing in common: namely the underground - the underground Techno, Deep House and Indie Dance scene in particular, where it all began. Colossal bass lines and propelling beats made the TEENAGE MUTANTS jump directly from Rhineland-Palatinate to enter the dance music chart institution Beatport. TEENAGE MUTANT's debut release on Off Recordings "Hanging On" in collaboration with Andre Crom reached number one making it the first big hit of 2013. Furthermore, his debut release on New York based Nurvous Records, "Out of Time", went up to number seven on Beatport. Within a rather short amount of time the TEENAGE MUTANTS have reached respectable heights,and there are several promising releases ready for launch this year on labels such as Off Recordings, Nervous, and Stil Vor Talent. This all lead to collaborations with the likes of Oliver Koletzki, Round Table Knights, Andre Crom, Kellerkind, and Malente, and performances in the US, Canada, as well as all over Europe. TEENAGE MUTANTS are now set to enter your area, to restore order on the dance floor, and toonce for all get rid of bad influences such as "tediousness", "caution", and "soberness". Heroes in a half shell – Turtle Power!

Grass Is Greener is the new collaboration between two of the most exciting emerging talents in the worldwide EDM community; namely SR SERGE (Sergei Sklyarenko) and EBAR (Eric Reithler-Barros). Their debut release “Start Again” is set for release on Nervous’ indie dance/nu disco sub-label Nurvous on October 16, 2012. The “Start Again” package also includes remixes from in-demand producers Teenage Mutant (Berlin) and Antares (USA).

Nervous Records is one of EDM world’s leading dance labels, having been a force in the industry since its 1991 inception. In the past year Nervous has created a sub-label Nurvous Records, specializing in the emerging nu-disco/indie dance genre. Nurvous has dominated the Beatport/Traxsource charts since it’s first release, with releases from genre stars like Todd Terje, Catz N Dogz, Soul Clap and More. “Start Again” demonstrates the same immediately likeable and accessible musical qualities of the best of the Nurvous Releases, and will be the label’S premier October 2012 release.

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