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New single out on import now, and album available soon as import; drops Feb 2 in the UK. If you've been under a rock for the past year and haven't seen them everywhere from Cheeze Whiz to High Life to the Bowery Ballroom -- you've heard them played by the finest DJs all over town. You know, the pink floyd cover with the beegeesesque vocals and funky nouveaudisco vibe? Run out and smack down 6 bucks and pick up their Comfortably Numb single. This band is defo the next big thing, and so deserve your support.
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Over a year and a half ago, Sweetie told me to come hear this band she had booked for her Cheez Whiz Saturday party. So on a small stage at the Parkside Lounge, Sweetie introduced this band that she had said would be HUGE, and she was right. The Scissor Sisters had me hooked from the getgo, and I have been an oh so loyal fan since, seeing them all over town. We all have our faves- some of us live for Jake's athletic gyrations and watching him sweat (hoping for a drop or two to fly off onto us waiting audience members), or Ana Matronic's sassy movements and her very sassy outfits/jewelry (and the duo's choreographed moments also are genius), and there are those who love Derek G or Baby Daddy for their whole silent masculine musician thing, and I could go on and on....

Posion Eve showed me the video for Comfortably Numb on the single, which is so gorg, so modern, and just so HOT!!!

Anyway, I am just a touch of a fan.
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Ordered the import from Shake It because the domestic keeps getting delayed...

OMG. This is one of the best albums we've heard in YEARS. We missed them by 2 days in Detroit, and their playing The Double Door this Friday... SIGH.

We'll just have to be satisfied with the CD on constant reloop.

You know, I had downloaded some stuff from them about a year ago, and have it on CD somewhere... They were demos, and some didn't make it on the album. One was something about "Are you a Scissor Sister?" Regardless, none of it was as near as developed as their sound now.

They have totally exploded. Literally they are EVERYWHERE. They are in this month's Out magazine as a "hot" band and their album hasn't even been released here yet. I hear "Filty-Gorgeous" on the Queer Eye soundtrack, see their pictures everywhere -OMG! It seems like just a few months ago little Jake was handing out flyers at Marion's. I love it when home town girls make good.
Few things worth mentioning...

--> Free live performace this Friday July 30th at the Tower Records in the East Village. 4pm

--> The domestic release is here today! So if you don't have it, go get it.

--> Believe it or not, I gave my import copy to my dad for Father's Day. (Hey, if you think that's weird, I gave my mom Woodward's "Plan of Attack" for mother's day.)Anyhow, I was reading back through the lyrics today, since I haven't had the cover art in a month, and got to the credits. There are no less than 7 thank yous for people connected to the motherboards!:

-Brandon Olson
-Justin Bond
-Sammy Jo

and the Short Mountain Faeries.

Should have known.
SO happy for them! From the new Village Voice:

Fly Life
by Tricia Romano
Superstar Sisters
Electroclashing locals make it big in the land of tea and crumpets
July 28 - August 3, 2004

"Scissor Sister Jason Sellards: Really happy, but with no perspective"

It's a time-honored tradition for New York bands: Make it big in England while you plug away in anonymity in the States. THE STROKES and the YEAH YEAH YEAHS were the most recent beneficiaries of the British hype machine"”now, it's the SCISSOR SISTERS. The quintet have been spending the better part of the year overseas, most of it in the Queen's country, where they are bona fide rock stars. They had a Top 10 single with their campy cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb," earlier this year, and then this month their debut album hit the No. 1 spot on the British charts. So far, they've shipped 750,000 records. It's hard to believe this is the same act that once played Luxx during the LARRY TEE electroclash era with just two members.

JASON SELLARDS, my friend from Seattle (he used to order Jolt colas all day long at the café where I worked), is the singer, otherwise known as JAKE SHEARS. A few weeks ago, when he called me from Norway just two hours before they were due to go onstage, he sounded exhausted. Just how weird is his current reality? "Our dressing room is a boat. And we're playing on an island," he says. "I'm really happy, but I have no perspective. There's no time to stop and think about anything. We are sleeping every other day, finishing shows and then just getting to the airport."

The Scissor Sisters are set to go into the studio with that superfamous, pint-sized pop icon KYLIE MINOGUE. ELTON JOHN is one of their biggest fans, and the Sisters' '70s-style piano-rock number "Laura,""”inspired by Elton"”is said to have in turn inspired Elton to return to the keys. "What a cool guy! He's great," says Sellards of one of his musical idols. "I was so excited and happy that he turned out to be so nice."

In London, the band is well-known enough to be recognized on the street"”though so far, the paparazzi leave them alone. "I couldn't walk 20 feet without someone wanting to take a picture with me," says the grateful singer. They played Glastonbury, the massive annual festival that draws over 100,000 fans"”not once, but twice. And the press goes ape over the group: rave reviews in papers like NME, and BBC Radio took note of Sellards's own "wardrobe malfunction." "My dick popped out of my trousers on the show that my mom was videotaping," he says. "I went through one whole half song with my penis exposed. The audience was all grandmas and grandchildren. I gave 'em a thrill. Glastonbury was one of the best weekends of my life. It was magical and incredible. It was like a rock and roll blissful summer-of-love weekend."

And to think it was all supposed to end after the release of "Comfortably Numb." That was the only Top 10 single but, says Sellards, "people are buying the album instead of the singles, which is what you really want." In October, they're even slated to play London's legendary Royal Albert Hall.

"People in America don't really have a concept about what is going on," says Sellards. "It's hard to have a concept about it if you don't see it." But when a friend saw a tiny write-up in People, he says, "she started screaming."

Here at home, things are starting to pick up. A January Bowery Ballroom show suggested they've got a dedicated cult following. VH1 has placed their video for "Take Your Mama" (a song actually about Sellards's mom, Frida) on heavy rotation. And last week in Seattle, which is where Sellards grew up, they played a sold-out show at Neumo's to an adoring crowd who knew every single word to every single song. After the gig, BABYDADDY (né SCOTT HOFFMAN) told me that every date on their U.S. tour except Portland was sold out, and I said that would probably change by the time they arrived there the next evening.

When the band plays at P.S.1's Warm Up series on Saturday, they'll probably have a captive, if jaded audience. But it's not the hip crowd they want, anyway. "You gotta get to the housewives," Sellards laughs. "That's what we were saying the whole time. It fucking worked! Like crazy!"
We are very happy for them and very proud of them.
Tricia failed to mention that opening up these amazing shows is none other than our very own DJ Sammy Jo (aka Nancy Isla). Her meteoric rise is just as astounding. (go figure) If any of you lurkers out there have been wondering where in the hell that hideously caustic tobacco stained lesbian is...
she is on tour with The Scissors.
We are also very proud of her.

DJ Sammy Jo (aka Nancy Isla)


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If you've been under a rock for the past year and haven't seen them everywhere from Cheeze Whiz to High Life to the Bowery Ballroom
-- Michael Madison, 1/28/04. What a difference 6 months makes!

From today's Liz Smith gossip column in the NY Post:

THIS COLUMN takes a sabbatical until Aug. 23, and though we hardly claim to be experts on modern music, this is what the crystal ball says will happen over the summer: The Scissors Sisters! Dazzling, sexy pop music that exists only to lift you up. Glam. Camp. Fun to the max. The next big, big thing.
Since returning to London in September I have heard them everywhere but reading the stats on the Sisters success is astounding. From the BBC:

"New York pop group Scissor Sisters had the UK's best-selling album of 2004 after overtaking rock band Keane's sales on the last day of the year.

Scissor Sisters' self-titled debut CD sold 1,594,259 copies in 2004 - 582 more than Keane's Hopes and Fears.

The Scissor Sisters' surge was so unexpected BBC Radio 1 named Keane as the top-seller in a rundown on New Year's Eve."
Good for them!

We were REALLY upset to find out that they came to Cincinnati, and we didn't even find out about it until two weeks afterwards!

And we heard it wasn't very crowded...

You think that being on their mailing list we'd be the first in town to know, but we got no communications at all, saw no ads, nothing.

I mean, we drove all the way to CHICAGO to see them, and they come to our home town and we don't even hear about it?

I don't know if they booked last minute or something, but if I were them, I'd fire the person who was supposed to promote the date.

At my last Pow-Wow with My Plastic Surgeon, DR.Zevon, He mentioned to me that his Nephew was becoming Quite the Rockstar...and that he had just gone to see his Band at the Hammerstein.
(We used to talk about the stuff I was into and was doing, as well as the crowds I was running with)...
WheN I asked who this fabulous entertainer was, he suprized me with the Scissor Sisters!
Another interesting tidbit???
Warren Zevon was from the same family...

I am going through NYC drag withdrawal..I miss you ALL, DEARLY!
as of 7 pm eastern standard time...
they've won TWO of the three brit awards
they were nominated for and robbie williams
in an acceptance speech thanked his boyfriend...
jake shears.
all this after they opened the show w/
a stage full of jim henson dancing puppets.
nancy isla and j-bo are ana and jake's dates.
and they're ALL serving FASHIONS, sweetie.

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