Here's a pic a one a my Ex's. He was my first bouncer boyfriend. He was cute but he had a tiny dick so I had to let him go. Couldn't feel a thing. I'd rate him a "4" I guess. He always had good coke.


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This was my next bouncer boyfriend Richard. He had a nice piece but it was like a rubber chicken. Too much steroids. Everything else got pumped on him but that! Could never get it to work right. Had to send it back as well. I guess I'd rate him a "5" 'cause he's just so damn pretty. He could be a model.
Wait a minute...
Joe, were you talking to r about a pic and rate?
I thought you was talking to me.
Oh, you mean his rate like in money.
I'm sure he's worth every penny and I mean to find out!
Honey, I went to your website. Looks like my kinda party!

(Upscale Attire A Must)
Dress to inpress.
No Jean,Hats,Boots.
Sneakers,clothing with writing.
No Sleeveless Shirts.
and Gentlemen dress shoes requried.
Ladies And ladies can wear fashion designer jeans.

This guy is real hot.
I hope its you Big Mac!
(If it ain't could you give me this guy's number. He looks like he really knows how to throw down.
We ALL know your rate, Messy (sniff sniff). I was the 73rd person to visit r's website. r, r u into assplay?
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Messy Bonnie Raitt:
Oh, by the way.
Here is a recent picher of me.[/QUOTE

Hi! I run my own security company under the name Redline Security inc. if you need Bouncers whether it be 1 bouncer or a team of 5 or more I have provide them please contact me at
Hey Dwight,
I guess I should tell you I'm gonna get married in June so I can't party like I used to.

But there is one thing...
This is my fiance Andrea. She's a writer. But in case that don't work out for us, I mean her, do you think she gots what it takes to be a bouncer, I mean security?


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