This was my next bouncer boyfriend Richard. He had a nice piece but it was like a rubber chicken. Too much steroids. Everything else got pumped on him but that! Could never get it to work right. Had to send it back as well. I guess I'd rate him a "5" 'cause he's just so damn pretty. He could be a model.
Honey, I went to your website. Looks like my kinda party!

(Upscale Attire A Must)
Dress to inpress.
No Jean,Hats,Boots.
Sneakers,clothing with writing.
No Sleeveless Shirts.
and Gentlemen dress shoes requried.
Ladies And ladies can wear fashion designer jeans.

This guy is real hot.
I hope its you Big Mac!
(If it ain't could you give me this guy's number. He looks like he really knows how to throw down.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Messy Bonnie Raitt:
Oh, by the way.
Here is a recent picher of me.[/QUOTE

Hi! I run my own security company under the name Redline Security inc. if you need Bouncers whether it be 1 bouncer or a team of 5 or more I have provide them please contact me at
Hey Dwight,
I guess I should tell you I'm gonna get married in June so I can't party like I used to.

But there is one thing...
This is my fiance Andrea. She's a writer. But in case that don't work out for us, I mean her, do you think she gots what it takes to be a bouncer, I mean security?


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