Yes, I am Pushpindra's younger brother. So it IS the famous Michael Ford. In my country you are a legend. Young boys grow up hearing tales of your talents. They cannot wait until the day they come to America and drive you home from a party.
I just read that link. Sad. Those sikhs are getting such a bum rap. I had a sikh cab driver the other day who was telling me how hard it was for him. People are so stupid.
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Stupid is right! I have many fond memories of hanging out at a Sikh ashram in San Diego in my younger days. Practicing Kundlini yoga, by the way. Not Tantra. Sorry.
Well, Darla, Sikh and ye shall find!
(Now where are those darned icons when you need 'em?)
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my dearest suck-winder,
i want to drive you home tonight, where are you?
you know where i'll be tomorrow right?

just look for joey and you will find me, on my knees.
as i stood outside of some east village dump waiting for a man in a smallish (cheep) car to circle, i was offered a ride and took it.
when we turned the corner we almost ran over nancy ilsa.
good to see you girl.
so as i was greeting her the man in said cheep car passed again.
do i go out for a walk?
Hi Michael Ford:

I always meant to tell you of new taxi driver hangout (you probably already know, though). Right around NYU, the cabbies park and hangout (on Mercer Street between 3rd and Bllecker) after 5:00PM shift. Check it out, hons.
Has anyone else noticed that you can not get an Islamic Fundamentalist cab driver for love nor money any more! Where did they all go? They can't ALL be detained for questioning! I mean I have had 2 Dominican drivers this week. It's just like the old days. Not a Mohammed or Abdulah in sight.
Or is it just me?
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I always wondered what the Islamic cabbies were babbling about non-stop on their cellphones. And now I know. Since 9/11, they've all vanished. They were all terrorists, planning something really big. Like making all the cabs in New York turn on all their off-duty signs at 4 AM. Or making sure not a single one of them of them would have change for a twenty. I just knew it!
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hattie i think the car was either red or grey?
ask nancy she saw him too.
eve, i lived on sullivan street between bleeker and west third. i grabbed a few while they were changing their...

daddy you are right, mr. mohammed has gone missing,
perhaps all their cell service has ben cut off.

did i ever mention the eastern indian gentleman telling me they don't cut the skin off the penis for extra sex!
i wish i could find him today.
oh hattie i love it and in is a sort of mechanical toy as well.

a tiny yellow cab key chain. the purrfect gift!
thank you darling.
yes daddy he came in and went directly to the gallery.

you never know what you will find back there.
they won't allow me back there.
I wouldn't know. I'm 86'd form the **** as well as the ****. Oh well, guess I'll go sit next to Sammy Jo, Peace Sign, Goblin, Hattie and all the other loosers.
you won't be calling me a "looser" (sic) when i'm pulling in all the boys at "beige." you'll just be glad to be sitting in my booth. oh the OTHER side of sammy jo, hattie, et al., of course.
i was having dinner tonight with a friend on 6th street. i remembered late sunday night outside of a clud almost naked sitting on a bicycle trying to pick up cabbies.
all of a sudden eve walked up. didn't get my date.
Midddle-Eastern men drive me wild. I love those Pakistani men, with there small uncut soldiers. The smell, size, and hot sex talk turn me on almost as much as the ladies.
I remember slurping on backwash
it was after last call
My dress was a couture pattern of stains
from a variety of spilled alcohols..
I clinched me cellphone
but hadn't received a single number to call.

Then I woke up on the sidewalk,
missing one of my brand new 8th street heels
Searched for it in my thriftstore purse
as I stepped in,
what felt like "oatmeal?"
THAT was just the beginning
of the "Kinky Pakistani Cabdriver Ordeal".

The night time city street was swirly
as hundreds of "off-duty" lights trailed by
And although I was hurled over throwing up,
I kept me hand hailed High!

And with vomit on one foot
and God knows what on the other,
I met myself a curry coated lover:

His cab did a U-Turn,
swerved at me through 4 lanes
his light read off-duty
but he said "Nemaste, pretty lady,
I headed your way!"

The front seat was sticky,
smelled like an armpit,
but I sunk into that pleather
and got as comfortable as I could get.

Judge Judy reminded me not to be stupid,
so I did the right thing,
I asked Captain Curry if he had a condom,
"Yes!" he said,
as he showed me his cock ring.

Now I've been with spicy latinos
and Morroccan departees,
never done an Asian,
although I would have done Bruce Lee.
I had sex with a Russian plumber
and even fucked a Hassidic Jew,
I WAS NOT through a hole in a sheet, either,
mind you.
Had an Irish boyfriend,
used to always passout on top a me.
I'd tasted every flavor of man, I thought,
Except for cab driver curry.

I couldn't pronounce his name
so I just called him BaBa
I marvelled how BaBa drove that cab
while yacking on his cellphone
and fingering my tush.

BaBa sad he knew a place;
the McDonald's drive-thru
and I had my first McQuickie there
and a Happy meal for two.

As the fare-meter hit six dollars
BaBa shouted thanks to Mohhamed
Ganesh ans Allah!

Then I pulled my dress back on, backwards
and wiped smashed McNuggets off my back
and as BaBa drove me home,
I found a french fry in my crack.

He dumped me on the corner
and thank God that ride was free,
cause of course I'd lost my wallet
and my apartment keys.

Luckily I'd hid a spare set,
(this scenario had happened before)
but silly me was too darn drunk
to remember where in the world they were.

I must've passed out
real messy-like on my stoop,
cause I was woken up at noon the next day
by my elderly neighbor
as her six poodles took a group poop.

"I should call the police on you!" she shouted
as she stuffed ziplocs full of turds.
After she let me in the building,
I shot that bitch the bird.

With my lucky nailfile,
I picked open my apartment door
and admired myself in the mirror
with red eyes, swollen
dress on, backwards,
lookin like a one-shoed, bearded, street whore.
a TERRIFYING, but very GLAMOUROUS eyesore.

That must be why the call this drag,
cause sometimes you get dragged through it,
but it really is the only way to do drag,
if you're gonna do it.

Kisses ladies,

So, Mike and I took a cab together from the Phoenix last Sunday and I dropped him off on my way home. I didn't think he was too flagrant with the cabbie this time. (Of course I have seen him at his best!) On July 4, I got into a cab at the very same spot, and the cabdriver peeped through the window with a BIG smile and said, "Oh, I take you sunday. your friend have very nice skirt..." I think he is waiting every day at 13th and A.
i just wet myself...
i'm off to 13th and avenue A right now...
and yes i know derrickinadress. love hur.
she took great pics of jackiefurther @ wigstock last year.

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