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This just in from the Sputnik wire:

(Anna, I can't wait to hear Martin and Tony stories)



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Original Post
Ok goes....(although I think u 2 are taking the piss out of me now! Can't help it if i worked in the industry in the 80s - how sad is that!)

Nah Actually i never knew them!!! How about that!

Although ran into them a few times... Tony used to live with Janet Street Porter (big TV executive in the UK)... From what I understood (and correct me anyone who knows different) the whole concept of the band was that all of them were rather square and blue colar in 'real life' and thought they would invent a quasi "new Romantic" image to sell records (sort of a poor mans Malcome McLaren marketing concept).. none of them really invented those images it was all marketing ... sort of a club kid Spice Girls... they were all rather dull in real life if i remember (met them but never knew them).. but it seemed to work for them for a while... They were laughed at though in allot of circles... for their lack of self creation

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