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By far our favorite member of Bananarama.

And we LOVED her music during her heroin years with Shakespear's Sister...

Well it looks like she's back in the creative realm in full force:

Great site! Watch out though, you'll need to update all your plugins.

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Now you know you're old when you know who Bananarama are..... hope ole Jimmy Scouse doesn't mind me telling the story about him and the 'rama's....
Jimmy's brothers mates were in town staying at his flat... Jimmy has these pics of bananarama all over his fridge door... his kid bro's mates - far too young to know who they were thought they were photies of Jims' girlfriend... only to be rather shocked when Jimmy's boyfriend arrived later.... but who are these chicks on the fridge the bro's mates now want to know.....
Ahh the legend of Jimmy scouser!
Isn't it hot?

We agree with all your faves... We're also loving The Droyds tracks on there.

We've become members of Siobhan's site. It's 30 pounds a year, and she's already got 5 audio tracks and 2 videos in her download area.

I'm betting it's going to be well worth the investment when she starts getting some more recent stuff uploaded on there.

We wrestled for days to try to get the site to take our information, but it looks like it is all fixed now.

Oh, and she's on her message board several times a week for all you other starfuckers out there Smile

I was a huge Bananarama fan in the early '80s. I had to buy a second copy of Deep Sea Skiving because I wore the first one out. I was 10 years old, and I remember thinking I wish I WAS in their shoes while singing along to "What A Shambles" (I didn't understand what it meant at the time). Like Jimmy Scouse, when I first saw the video for "Everybody" I thought Madonna was trying to look like Siobhan, although I never got into any fistfights with anyone about it. Sadly when True Confessions came out I was on the borderline between being a Bananarama fan and becoming a hardcore obsessive about Siouxsie. When they went all Stock-Aitken-Waterman on Wow I stopped listening to them. But just recently I have started listening to a lot of Bananarama again (I just burned a CDR with my favorite Bananarama and Shakespear's Sister tracks) and collecting the old Bananarama 12"s I didn't have already. "Bitter Pill" is also on Larry Tee's electroclash mix CD set (CD #2) if anyone's interested. Last night when I went to Area 10009 I wore these baggy jeans that I rolled up a la Bananarama in the "Cruel Summer" video and I was humming "Shy Boy" while I was walking to the club until this jackass sitting on his steps with his retardo friends yelled out and called me Noah waiting for the flood, and then someone else in the group called me Erkel....

You're too old, you're somebody's mom, that outfit you wearin' is not the bomb.
A Very Happy B-Day to Siobhan Fahey today!

Also, for members of her site, she's just posted
a new mix of "Bitter Pill" another mix of "Hot Room" and a new track called "War"

In addition, She's posted a '96 interview with the Irish press, A "White Rabbit Live" Video and her scene from "Frost French" where she plays a fortune teller.

Downloading them now, we'll tell you how they are.

But we haven't watched the Frost French piece. Loved "White Rabbit" she looked really hot in it.

The interview was very interesting, but not very flattering. We were surprised she included it.

At the end we were still very impressed by her talent but were both thinking we wouldn't want to be someone who collaborated with her Smile

Haven't transferred the audio tracks onto CD yet, so haven't listened to them... What did you think?

News from the Siobhan Fahey website:

"She's Lost control, featuring vocals by Siobhan, is the first single to be released from the Agent Provocateur album Peep Show. The single is due for UK release on August 16th on sanctuary records. The video was directed by Rory Rooney and features Siobhan alongside a George Bush look-a-like and Dita Von Tease, the burlesque artist a.k.a. Mrs Marilyn Manson. "

The Vidoe is on the website
Click on as a guest and go to the news section, scroll down a bit and you will see is pretty cool, Dita Von Tease looks good, nice eye make-up.......
New Album (well sort of)
Siobahn Fahey has released her 3rd album titled #3. The album was recorded in 96' but her then record label refused to release it, stating that she was too old..she was only in her mid 30's at that point.....anyway, after almost 10 years of legal battling Siobhan obtained the rights to her own work and is able to release #3.
I have been listening to it non stop and it is amazing... I know there are a few people on here that would love it too!
It is available at;
in the shop section.
We picked it up the third Shakespears Sister album too. We were actually a bit disappointed...

One, because "Suddenly" (from the original release of "I Can Drive") wasn't on there, and it is probably better than 50% of what IS on there...

And then the other thing is that she had put demos of "Do I Scare You?" and "Go" on the fan portion of her site, and we got used to the rawer versions, so these sound WELL (Brini Maxwell pause) over produced or something.

It just must have been that we've waited 10 years to hear this album, and nothing can really be THAT good. BUT, it is signed, and that was worth it Smile

We're LOVING most of her new stuff, but we're sorry to report that the new single "Cold" isn't worth getting. (although we have a lovely signed copy of that now too) That is unless you are a big ambient music fan. I can't remember, it may not be her music, it may be a colaboration or something...

We can't wait for her new album though...

I agree that Suddenly should have been included but I do love the does sound very 10 years ago which for me is a good thing as "I can drive" was released the summer I moved to this side of the pond, that whole period evokes found memories for me.....anyway, she could shit on a shovel and I would love it, so maybe I am not capable of being objective.
"Older Sister" and "singles Party" stand out as my favourite tracks.
Also can not wait for the new album, if "Bitter Pill" is anything to go by I am sure it will be fantastic!

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