Hi nightclub history fanatics..

Though not strictly a club, the Squat Theatre was an enormously influential site of downtown theater, music, performance, etc. Delighted to report that they now have a website with tons of archives.

Just the tiniest taste of why this 23rd Street clubhouse was so legendary -

Here, Nico borrowed the famous $20 from Johnny Dynell, and for a brief time in the early eighties, JD, myself and other staff of Danceteria presented the important "Is It All Over My Face" revue - which began at 6 AM after we all got off from work.

Then there was Sun Ra, Esther, Fassbinder, James White et al..

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Yes I loved the Squat Theatre, saw James White and the Blacks there and the unforgettable Nico playing harmonium, singing The End. What a charismatic and very HUMAN creature she was.

I met members of FLUXUS at Squat, took me to their home, introduced me to Yoko Ono's work.

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