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Eat at Home More
I have really cut back on compulsively eating out. Even buying nicer groceries saves money over running out every time I'm hungry, a habit I've been guilty of for years.

Eyeglasses Online
Eyeglass shops in NYC have to pay New York rent. There are really cheap deals online. If you already have a prescription go here. I got cool prescription glasses for $26. The selection is huge: Zenni Optical

File Sharing: Entire Albums
Apologies to you musicians out there, but it's the way of the world these days, I don't see much going back. This site indexes entire album downloads. You download a torrent file. Drop the torrent file into a free program (uTorrent, Acquisition, Bit Torrent) and the album slowly loads in the background.
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I love this topic, Missy!

Here are some of my tips:

M2M the Japanese supermarket on 3rd Ave and 11 Street - cheap good fresh sushi and sashimi, rockin' udon and big selection of veggies very well priced!

Cheap mani/pedis - check out, then check out the different salons on to see what users thought.

Pet vaccinations - if your dog just needs an update on their rabies vaccine or new heartworm meds prescription, check out the schedule at for the Saturday vaccines at Petco in Union Square and other locations. Its first come first served and the vaccines are half the price of going to the vet. This doesnt include an exam, but it can be handy if your vaccines expire well before your dog's next yearly exam.

Bonus: Nova met his first rabbits while on line for his shot!

Okay, I know Ill think of more...anyone else have some tips to share?
Right on about the bartering. It's a great tactic for DJs and performers. Every time I come in contact with local restaurants who request my services I always try to barter for gift certificates. It costs them very little to give away food so they like it. It's fun to eat out in places I would rarely pay for! I suppose it could work for stores or fashion lines as well.
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Flowerpower. Across from PS122. Fresh sage. And still one of the best herbal apothecaries around. Knowledgeable staff and not too pricey.

If you want an endless variety of inexpensive incense try the Indo-Pakistani grocery on 1st Ave between 5th and 6th between the pornovideo store and the string of Indian restaurants. The grocery is on the lower level beneath the 2nd floor restaurants. They also carry a massive inventory of raw spices and commodities.
Rob, I was there -406 E 9th- only about three weeks ago for some St. Joan's Wort tincture and they were still operating. They have a website so you can check the hours there I think or get the phone and call them up.

It's practically a requirement to smudge out any new place around here, you never know what the hell was going on in the apartment before you moved in. I still periodically smudge my place with some totally juju medicinal incense I obtained from friends in Nigeria, the stuff will sear out anything from a room. But sage is very effective and I find the odor really grounding and pleasureable.

Miss U, I know what you mean about those chillies!
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Save Money on Cable and Phone Bills... just by asking.

I have a high cable/Internet bill. I read on blogs that by simply telling them you need to cancel or downgrade you can get them to offer you a lower price. I read about it here: Consumerist

So, today I called Time Warner, said I was a freelancer, work is slow, so I need to scale back on Cable. She typed around a little bit and came back with a a $39/month discount for the next year, no strings attached.

I did start off by telling her I couldn't do the 2 year lockdown thing because I might need to cancel altogether if things get worse financially. I was bluffing of course but I didn't want to commit to anything on my end.
OK, so if you haven't checked it out, you HAVE to go in the next two weeks.

Odd's Costume Rental Closing Sale
231 W 29th St Third Fl
10am to 4pm Monday - Friday

I'm sure a good deal of Motherboarders already know about this, since it's been being passed around on the DL for several weeks...

However, we hadn't gone until this week, because of the hours (we're working during business hours) and we figured everything had been picked over...

But now, we're MAKING time for long lunches when we can until they finally close. They have SO MUCH STUFF, and the prices are ridiculous.

Yesterday I could only spend about 20 minutes there and I got an 80s ladybug print tuxedo jacket (holy shoulderpads) for $15, a 60's psychedelic print velvet zip-up for $10, and a pair of 80s Italian jeans with grommets and leather lace for $15.

Today we went together and concentrated on the period clothing and more "big production" stuff.

The highlights for today were a GORGEOUS Louis XVI waistcoat for $75 and a piece of body armor attributed to Hal George and a production of "Orpheus in the Underworld" for $45.

They are talking about extending it, but for now their last day open will be July 2nd.

Hey guys,

We have an acquaintance that is backpacking/soul searching around the country who will be drifting into the city by bus or train in the next couple weeks.

He's staying with some friends off and on but we get the impression he's going to be spending a good deal of time camping in public places (by choice).

Does anyone know the best/safest areas? Also any hostels or drop in centers that have good reputations?

Thanks MU! I'll get him details on those.

Bobby, Bonnie's home's motto is "Safety Last" can't send him there.

Hatches - yeah or other places...

Found out he's meeting someone, and if for some reason it doesn't go well he wants some close backup options as a safety net until he decides the next city he wants to see...

He's got our numbers but we're about an hour by subway from where he'll be staying, so wanted to give him some closer options too.
For practiced transients: It's easy to hop the fence at Petit Versailles on 2nd St. next to building #249 right near Ave. C. A beautiful, tiny garden and great place to catch some sleep if you can zone out the traffic from Houston. Further up the block towards B is a larger, fenced in wild lot with plenty of tall vegetation to sequester oneself in. There are a number of other very small gardens in the surrounding blocks with similarly undaunting access late night.
Of course, if you have cash you can source a hostle room, but for the truly transient stealing a little sleep in the LES isn't that hard.
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