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NYC recording artist Sterling8 and his band will bring his mix of pop, house, soul and sweet electro-funk in a live performance of songs from his EP Alpha-State.


“Tell me your secret, there’s nothing to hide, Chocolate covered thoughts, you can’t deny. Fantasize about me, go deep inside. Let go honey while I  Hypnotize!” – Sterling8  (


“Let me introduce you to Sterling8, a new talented, singer-songwriter and pop artist on the rise! Sterling’s official first single ‘hYpNoTiZed’ is a hot pop number that will have you seeking the nearest dance floor. “  --


''His music combines funk, electronic music and rock in a way that's reminiscent of performers like Prince or Lenny Kravitz, but with a 2011 dance floor feel."  -- P.D. Freeman, RoadRunner Records


Opening up for Sterling8 will be evocative singer-songwriter Elizabeth Sullivan, and provocative poets Lamar Lewis, Rashida J. Reeves, and Lauren Ash Williams.     Only $8 at the door


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