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Interesting theory. And interesting to equate Rubell with Billingsley; both were masters of PR, Steve with his empty limos parked in front of 54, and Sherman with his Stork Club ashtrays visible in every photograph.
There are those, however, that deny that the Josephine Baker incident at the Stork Club really happened that way at all. The fact is that the NAACP needed a high-profile case against racial discrimination and was willing to go to any lengths to get it. And there was no higher profile that year than the Stork.
Billingsley's demise had more to do with a staggering IRS debt and unwise Mafia connections than anything else.
Hmmm... just like Studio in that respect as well, I guess.
He could be a nightmare but WHAT STYLE!
That must have been gorgeous.
I liked him.
I'll never forget introducing him to my mother. He really took to her (she has a beauty shop north of Syracuse) A few days later he was on some TV Talk show and mentioned "partying" with my mother for some reason. All the customers in her beauty shop heard it and gagged!
Came across this forum while doing a bit of research on a Studio regular - it was SO entertaining thought Id share the link here..

Studio 54 Forum on

I was at Studio 6 days a week back in the day and I know everyone who has made these comments. "I was the one who sold them all Coke"!

during the clubs
2nd incarnation
after Steve & Ian
remember doin C
with Fleishman
Billy Smith & Hank
of Criscos?
if so e-mail me
at xxxxx@yahoo


ya know the drill


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