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Ismael began his career in 1992 in Bolshoi, his first club. Since then, he played in the best clubs of the city such as Archy, Bocaccio, OH!, Empire; thus, starting his four year path as resident of OH! Marbella.

There he met several renowned international deejays such as Funk D´void, David Morales, Pete Heller, Danny Rampling and a long etcetera. Their house music style influenced Ismael and offered him the opportunity to learn directly from the best DJs. This would help him to take one of the most important steps forward in his career, working in 1997 as resident of SpaceofSound@Macumba, the Sunday morning session par excellence.

Since he first began at Space of Sound@Macumba, Ismael created his own style, which has been constantly evolving from more Latin and tribal sounds in its beginnings to progressive house and to the more electronic and avant-garde new beats that characterize his current sets. Thanks to this musical evolution, he had the pleasure to share the booth with such important deejays as Garnier, Deep Dish, Lawler, Satoshi Tomiie, Cattaneo, Dekay. Ismael had many more booth colleagues, even Eric Morillo, with whom he shared residency in 2002.

Fortunately in 2002 he scored the Spanish residency of the famous London club Ministry of Sound in Madrid which sky- rocketed his career.

Apart from his residencies, Ismael had the chance to work on his sessions as a guest artist in almost every major club of our peninsula. His sets have gone beyond our borders to the turntable desks of Colombia, Israel, Morocco, Italy, Belgium, Austria or Switzerland, including his current residencies at London@Areaclub and Paris@LesVainsDouches.

Today he holds the Spanish residency of Spaceofsound@Macumba.

Ismael combines his work as a dj with producing, which he dived into in 2001 under the alias 4Method and Riva, releasing more than 30 productions for numerous labels, in addition to remixes for D-formation, Julio Navas & David Amo, Coca&Villa or Wally LÓpez. From 2004 to actually he signed under his real name, and has published for labels like The Factoria, Beat Freak, Stereo Productions, Fresco records, Yoshitoshi, Sinichi,Omnis Rec. Seven Limited, Go Deeva, Timbee, Armada, and many more.

Teamed up with IvÁn Pica and Wally Lopez, Ismael has also launched FAT XL and Mixo, his own labeles .

In terms of his compilations, he released the first -Space of Sound- five years ago, in Christmas 2002. Together with Oscar de Rivera then came the second one -Space UN10- released at the beginning of summer 2004. At the moment, he has just released a new volume of Space of Sound UN10+3.

Career highlights include nominations as Best House Dj, Best New Dj and Best National Dj by the prestigious Spanish Deejay Mag magazine, acknowledging the good work carried out over the last few years. In 2006 his efforts have finally been rewarded with the title Dj Mag as Best Resident Dj in Spain. He received the award in Barcelona on January 31st, 2007.
His last nominations has been in 2007 for: his residence at AmnesiaIbiza@Spaceofsound all the Wednesdays during summer 2007, best track for “Relouder” at the Factoria, best newcomer label for “Fat XL”, best tribal & progressive Spanish dj, and best newcomer producer.




218 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012
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