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EV Grieve blog has been posting about Rapture Cafe's new incarnation, opening tomorrow night. It is called Superdive and it sounds like it's going to be kind of a frat party, Animal House theme bar. It will feature keg service, do it yourself cocktail mixing behind the bar, and a women's only seating area called the "fuck off" seats for when the sexual harassment gets too out of line. I can just imagine the bellowing morons who will be attracted to this place. Stupid drunk girls will shreik hysterically, jump into the fuck-off seats and make out, while their boyfriends howl and play beer pong, whatever the hell that is. Later they'll roll out onto the sidewalk to scream and barf. Please, East Village gods, can we have the junkies and criminals back?
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can we have the junkies and criminals back?

Well, at the helm is buggy Alan from The Cock, and our very own Keith from Mother has left The Box to help him set up the place.
As far as the "theme" goes, it smells to me like it might be just a holding pattern sort of thing. I wouldn't be at all surprised if The Cock on Second Avenue wound up there four or five months down the road, but who can say?
Alan runs the place? That explains why none other than Mona was sitting out front checking IDs the other night when the wife and I walked by with Napoleon.

Meanwhile, there's some cafe in the old Cock space. You couldn't pay me to ingest food in there. Can you imagine all the semen, piss and feces that must still be embedded it? Not that I'd hesitate to do shots, snort lines or rim some go-go boy's hole at the NEW Cock but still. A bar is one thing, a place where you DINE is another.
Not to be disciplinarian, but it is about time you clocked in here with a contribution. Just saving your hot backside for strolls down the avenue? Or do we just have to come up with a vulgar enough topic for you?
I always marvel at the new incarnations of olde neighborhood 'institutions.'
The Gargoyle Mechanique, original anarchist home, H.Q. for one of the LES's best radical theater groups, local crash pad and sometimes acid house party became a sports bar hosting parties for law firms.
R.A.P.P. Arts Center became a 'culture center' run by Catholic nuns.
Kathy Taylor's Mosaic Books -a place that use to import authors from South Africa, Cuba, China, etc. to do readings- became a high end hair salon.
The Gas Station (who remembers?) became a paunchy overpriced condo building.
Robots became a hipster lounge.
El Bohio, all five stories of it, is still in mothballs.
The Paladium became ( a true real estate fascisim story ) NYU housing.
La Cieba became a place that sells corn dogs.
What I wanta know is when does Commerce Bank become the Cock?

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