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The Delancey

168 Delancey Street. at foot of the Williamsburg bridge
New York, NY
$15 in proper attire, $30 in sharp all black
Fetish, creatively dressed, burner beautiful, formal, suits, uniforms, school girl,

From the creators and co producers of SUSPENSION, {XCESS and THE ULTIMATE AFTER PARTY Las Vegas comes....
SUSPENSION-May 29th-Memorial Day!

A night of a thousand kisses, a night of a thousand lashes, when reality falls away and you take flight. Weightless above the earth, you are the breath that stills between intakes of air, the time that exists outside of time, the complete absence of preconception. Reason halted, mystery divined, a celebration of sensation, altered, clarified. Welcomed, you drift high, surrounded by creatures, playing, spinning, dancing, beautiful creatures just like you – suspended.

Suspension is our flag ship party that started it all and set the bar on sophisticated play.

Suspension is held in an upscale three story establishment with chandeliers, plush seating, soft red light district. Upstairs lounge in our jungle roof top with palm trees and giant ferns. Downstairs you'll find NY's finest DJ's spinning sounds designed to get you moving on our dedicated dance space.
Riggers are encouraged to come experience our 12 foot high suspension point designed to take your models up safely and give them an amazing ride. Additional suspension rigs will be set up as well. There is no shortage of play space.

Suspension attracts about 250 kinksters and curious to each party. We are open to new attendees regardless of experience or preference. If you are feeling nervous about coming alone or for the first time please reach out to us and we will arrange for one of our "fetish ambassadors" to escort you and make things more comfortable. We cater to all ages from 21 & up so please feel free to reach out with questions in general.

Spin by resident DJ's DJ Jess and Xris Smack

Join the Tribe and friends for IMPACT on MAY 12th at REBEL NYC, for all the info and to let us know you are coming click here!
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