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Nothing like a good juxtaposition to clear the fog!

The other night I was watching Larry King Live because he was doing a full hour with Johnny Cash. Durring the commercials I would channel surf. Madonna and her fake lesbian kiss was everywhere. That's all people were talking about. Madonna. Britney. Christina. Justin Timberlake's raised eyebrows.
Then back to Johnny Cash. REALity. Johnny Cash is REAL. A REAL song writer. A REAL musician, a REAL drug addict, a REAL convict, a REAL outlaw, a REAL hero.
Seeing the two pop stars thrown together on my TV was so insightful. This is what she is...

OK, she's VERY talented.
She is an amazing A & R person (record company). She has an uncanny ear for hit records. She doesn't write them (no matter what the credit says) but she hears them. No small feat to be sure. (If it was easy they ALL could do it)

She is a great pop stylist. She always knows what to wear. What hair to do etc. She doesn't come up with ANY of this herself but again, she knows what to take. (I know why you like her Jimmy, she's good.)

She will go down in history as one of the fiercest publicists ever. Right up ther with PT Barnum and Billy Rose. She will do ANYTHING to stay in the spotlight. And if anyone thinks that is easy... think again.

She really knows human nature. (The "Low Road" anyway). She knows power is EVERYTHING.
example: Magazines keep her on top because she sells magazines.
She is shameless and knows nobody will challenge her as long as she makes money. She knows it's all about money today.

The same old trick she's been doing for twenty years.
She watches Tatu's fake lesbian kiss.
20 million people know about it. I can do it in front of 200 million people. Get more press and air time than they could in 20 years. And it will be "The Madonna Fake Lesbian Kiss". Not Christina's, Britney's or Tatu's.
She was right. It worked like a charm. A week later people are still talking about "The Madonna Fake Lesbian Kiss".

Botton Line:
Here we are still talking about her.
20 years later.

He's singing raw with his guitar in front of a thousand inmates in Fulsom Prison.
"She walks these hills in a long black veil"
He would never make it today. Justin Timberlake would blow him out of the water. Neither would Aretha Franklin. (VH1's "Entertainer Of The Century") She's too dark and too fat.

OK, OK...
I know the argument Jimmy.
-She's just a Pop Star. What the hell do you expect?
Well Johnny Cash is a Pop Star.
So is Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchel, Kurt Cobain, Prince, Trent Reznor, David Byrne etc.
And I know that there have always been bubblegum Pop Stars. But she's not that. She is a sign post Pop Star. Like Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger. A reflection of a generation.
And that's what is interesting to me about her.

Paris (a couple of years ago)
Madonna to Daddy:
"You're so shady to me".

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Dear Slim Shady -
I bow down and touch the hem of your garment - YOU ARE SO RIGHT.... couldn't have said it better myself...

Yes she is clever but NOT talented....

And YES folks like Cash are the REAL deal...
Thats what pisses me off that folks still give her props... I could think of giving her props if she even 'gave back' to the folks she emulates or feeds off but she doesn't and that totally is what pisses me off....
I just HATE phoneys and she is just a total psued
Love her new Kabala name "Ester" LOL
Daddy you are right .... shady... but right
His voice is like the Earth itself singing (or the male aspect of it anyway). Totally real! He had many of the then cutting edge counter culture singers on his television show in the 1960s like Bob Dylan (several times). I must admit it was AFTER Dylans motorcycle accident when he no longer had that edginess with an abandon that he had prior to it, but he was still way out there as far as Mr. and Mrs. Average American was concerned. Johnny Cash Came out strongly against the Vietnam war at a time when it was considered a given that country stars were behind the administration and supporting the War. His "Why I dress in Black" is uncompromising. In many ways he's been more of a Folk singer than Country and Western artist, yet cetainly blending the genres. He is unique. I still listen to his two live prison albums at Fulsom and San Quinten, and those guys would have been able to read a phoney a mile away. He was the real deal. My older brother once gave me a tape of Johnny Cash singing songs about Americans and American History that had an excellent song that I used to play for my students: "The Ballad of Ira Hayes," about an American Indian who was one of the flag raisers on Iwo Jima in World War 2, who died in a ditch years later, a broken alcholic. It's a testament to american hipocracy and racism. Then there was the late June Carter Cash. If you haven't seen them in their prime together singing "Jackson" you've got to see it. It's hot! They were both so hot then. Great performers, but I don't think there was all that much acting involved, there was so much realness so close and accessible. Johnny Cash has always moved me in a big way, and he still does. To jusxtapose him or Aretha "Queen of Soul" Franklin for that matter with todays shallow pop stars is certainly very telling. It's a stark and sorry contrast.
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Yup, during the interim between stunts, I get pretty fucking tired of the Eternal Whore. But just as I'm about to lose it over her newest accent, or her newest name, she goes and shuts me up. When I heard about "that kiss" (I didn't watch the live awards show, figuring I'd catch it on the 72-hour marathon immediately afterwards), my eyes were rolling upward everytime MTV was mentioned. However, when I did see it, all I could do was laugh and know that the bitch is brilliant. Owning talent? Even she knows she doesn't. Owning fame? I bow down to the best.
right on. james and i were having a madonna conversation at the slipper room last saturday night. i put her in the same league as james brown -- miss saturn was hoola-hooping to j.b.'s "this is a man's world" and it brought to mind the number of different musical styles he has mastered. ultimately, we agreed that j.b., like johnny cash, has talent that's more real than madonna's, but when it comes to predicting, setting and mastering trends, they're both equal i think. unless madonna isn't really a trend setter, more of a wickedly talented trend democratizer, i'm not sure...

her "tale to tell" years were genius, regardless.
My, my!

Madonna-Britney kiss angers Stevie
The Herald Sun

STEVIE Nicks rates the notorious Madonna-Britney kiss as the most obnoxious television moment ever.

"First of all, Madonna is too old to be kissing someone who is 22," the Fleetwood Mac singer told the Herald Sun.
"And Britney should be smarter than that. Hopefully, she will figure a way out of this hole she has dug for herself."

Original rock chick Nicks, 55, said Spears and Christina Aguilera should wear more clothes and try writing decent songs.

"I personally have never been to a strip club, but I turn on MTV and see in every single video what it must be like to be at a strip club," Nicks said.

"I think the mystery is gone, and if you have no mystery, then you aren't even sexy.

"Real sexuality and sensuality is in the music, and all these girls, vis-a-vis, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and on and on, should go back to writing songs and start over because it won't last and they won't last.

"When they are 55, they won't be around and that's sad because I think a lot of those girls are very talented. But they are signing their own death warrants."

Nicks was appalled by Madonna's publicity stunt kiss with Spears at the recent MTV Awards.

"I thought it was the most obnoxious moment in television history," she said.

"Madonna will be fine. Madonna is Madonna. She does what she wants. She will get over this. But will Britney get over it? I don't know."

Nicks revealed Madonna asked Jennifer Lopez to be in the smoochy routine, but J.Lo told Madge to kiss something else.

Nicks is the ultimate rock survivor, weathering drug addictions, depression and a tumultuous relationship with Lindsey Buckingham.

Fleetwood Mac performs at Rod Laver Arena on February 23. Tickets go on sale on Monday.

Quite a mouthful. However when I'm in my 40s and 50s I'll still be kissing plenty of 22-year-olds! Hopefully ......
I so worship Stevie, though I always feel a tinge of unease when the older generation criticizes the young upstarts:

When they are 55, they won't be around and that's sad because I think a lot of those girls are very talented. But they are signing their own death warrants.

This is the same kind of criticism that was leveled against Madonna, and so many others who were equally unpopular among parents... who couldn't understand what they meant to their kids. To me, Stevie comes across as a bit fuddy-duddy here. I thought the MTV kiss thing was terribly tacky, and though I'm not a huge fan of everything that Britney and Christina do, they represent where music has gone. Some may think that's sad, but it is what it is...

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From's Jeannette Walls:

Madonna's movie dreams

Madonna isn't giving up on her film career.

Fresh from her success as an author of a preachy kiddie book, Madonna is going to try again to win over big screen audiences. The former Material Girl is said to be planning to star in a musical comedy, penned by Joe Henry, who wrote the song "Don't Tell Me" from her Music CD. He also happens to be her brother-in-law.

"He's married to Madonna's sister, but he's a serious songwriter in his own right," says a source, "and, he's known her for years, so he's not intimidated by her so maybe he can give her the directing she needs."
Madonna will usher in the Jewish New Year at an exclusive kabbala retreat in the city this weekend. The Material Girl will be getting spiritual at a private Rosh Hashanah gathering at the Marriott Hotel.

I loved this..... nice to think while we are all having a cocktail tonight that madge is at some Marriott hotel being a Jewess....
SEPTEMBER 30--Madonna's new "Hollywood" video is a blatant visual rip-off of the work of a late French fashion photographer, according to a federal copyright lawsuit just filed against the pop superstar. The son of photographer Guy Bourdin alleges that Madonna's video is filled almost entirely with reenactments of his father's distinctively racy images (Bourdin died in 1991 at age 62). "It's one thing to draw inspiration; it's quite another to simply plagiarize the heart and soul of my father's work

see the
Can you imagine if they win the law suit. would be fab as there are SO many folks who could sue also since she has ripped off so much and so many....

Daddy I am shaggin, i mean, I know a good lawyer.
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Either they will settle, or they will win, because I saw the pics

Madonna Accused of Picture Piracy

and they are almost EXACT replicas of his work...

Interesting, because when I saw the video in Berlin for the first time, and snarkily remarked to Sherry & Eve while we watched that this didn't seem new and just seemed a redux (of something but none of us could pinpoint it exactly). Well, her "inspiration" is clear now...
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At least she's got a little wave of Britney press to ride before this case crashes in...

from Bitch & Famous:

Madonna continues her burgeoning collaboration with Britney... Now the queen of pop is going to be starring in the princess of pop's lastest video ˜Me Against the Music' – as a nightclub dominatrix, clad in skin-tight black leather, with a bevy of gorgeous women on leashes who lure innocent Britney into their clutches...

Sounds promising! But, since Madge's hubby Guy Ritchie will be directing the video, I have to hope that this turns out a whole lot better than their most recent collaboration, ˜Swept Away' - which was swamped by a tidal wave of bad press.
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This is interesting. Where the line of "inspiration" and "ripoff" blur. Jean Baptiste Mondino was the director. So he might be the one who's idea it was. He is one of my favorite photographers actually. But she has made a career out of this. If Mr Bourdin wins there will be a LONG line of people , relatives of people and estates of dead people who will be next with lawsuits. But if he does not win , at least it shows the world her "genius".

This Britney tag along is about as bad as it gets. But it's sure to make a million. Madonna has has so many "new best friends" along the way.

oh, but there we go again.....talking about her.....,she's good at that.
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Madonna's little monster <<
Lourdes is the new Wednesday Adams

Lourdes Ciccone is turning into a proper little
madam. At a recent Top Of The Pops appearance,
she demanded a diet coke. When a crew member
brought her a normal coke, the seven-year-old's
reply was: "I said diet, asshole."

(FYI: Lourdes attends a spiritual school which teaches
that there is "the good you" and "the bad you".)
Have to say, Madonna's snagged herself another brilliant partner: Mount Sims, the LA-based electro outfit has remixed her new single, Nobody Knows Me. Super great and best cut yet from American Life.

Tho did read sad item over the weekend about new madoodoo EP to be released later this month: "Madonna: Remixed and Remade" or something. Includes previously unreleased track from ...Bedtime Sories album, of all things. Calls to mind those nice old Morrissey lyrics...reissue, repackage, repackage, re-evaluate the of, most of...slip them into different sleeves
Michael, your girl has sold one of her songs from American Life for use by Estee Lauder to hock their new line of perfume- Beyond Pleasures, or some such something. Does she need the money that bad? Or is that she just needs to be ubiquitous? Gap ads, children's books, and now this. She did sell Ray of Light for a phone company commerical, but like a year or two after the song had peaked (more smart marketing on her part). I was not impressed to say the least when I saw the commercial last night.
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Madonna in facelift riddle
By Alison Boshoff, Daily Mail
This is LONDON 11/02/04 - Showbiz news section

By now, of course, we should have wearied of Madonna's endless capacity for re-invention. What a clichÈ the remaking of her image has become as, year after year, she has struggled to keep the public intrigued.

But for all that there was something shockingly different about her appearance at the Grammy awards on Sunday night. This time, it wasn't her usual gimmicky splash of fancy dress (a flashed breast, a pretend punk ensemble). Nor was it as vulgar as the 'lesbian' show which she put on with Britney Spears at the MTV awards last year.

Instead, Madonna appeared to be showing off (whisper it) a new face. Well that, at least, is what music industry gossips have insisted since Christmas, when, it is said, she visited a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and had a 'very subtle and high quality' facelift.

Her appearance at the Grammys was the first chance for everyone outside her immediate circle to judge if the stories could possibly be true.

At 45, many of the well-heeled women in LA are on their third or fourth procedures, so there would be nothing outlandish, in Hollywood terms, about Madonna getting her face tweaked. And talk of her using Botox injections has been widespread for some years now. Sources in New York even claim to have spotted Madonna in town carrying a bag marked The Brandt Clinic, famed for its Botoxing.

Last year, it emerged that she'd been having non- surgical beauty serums blasted into her skin at a small salon in Hampstead, North London, for £350 a time. She is also a fan of Linda Meredith's Crystal Clear Oxygen Facials and Dr Hauschka creams.

But a surgical facelift? Would Madge have gone that far to keep up with today's divas?

Surely she cannot hope to catch glorious, golden Beyonce, only 22, whose single Crazy In Love outsold Madonna's effort, Hollywood, last year by a ratio of two to one, and who walked away on Sunday with five awards, the acknowledged queen of this year's event.

Certainly, it appeared that Madonna had conceded defeat to the new generation of upstarts when she launched herself as a children's author last summer, all hornrimmed glasses and demure frock.

And with a flop album (American Life), two flop singles (American Life, Hollywood), a flop film (Swept Away) and a particularly embarrassing ad campaign under her belt (Gap), it appeared she was finally ready to leave the stage for a new generation of pop stars.

On the evidence of the Grammys, though, the truth is very different. It must be said that under the lights at the Staples Centre, the age gap was not at all apparent: Madonna looked every bit as good as the young pretenders.

There was no hint of sag about her jowls, nor a line on her neck. Where most 45-year-olds might expect to find the unwelcome beginnings of a double chin, Madonna had the defined jawline of her friend Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a decade her junior.

Ozzy Osbourne's wife, Sharon, is firmly in the camp which believes that Madonna's seraphic new image is down to some kind of medical intervention.

Never one to call a spade a garden implement, she gasped: 'I tell you what, I went into shock at Madonna's new head. See, she's got that Botox in that forehead. Oh, Madonna I know what you've been doing! There's not one line on that bloody head!'

I asked Mr Aposotolos Gaitanis, plastic surgeon at the Harley Cosmetic Clinic in London's Harley Street, for his opinion. 'Madonna has a very well-proportioned face, with high cheekbones, a high forehead and a well-defined jawline,' he said. 'I suspect she has been enhanced by cosmetic surgery.

'Her jawline looks less "soft" and better defined than in some earlier pictures. This may have been done with a "mini lift", which involves the tightening of over-relaxed facial muscles and the removal of excess skin.'

And then there was the mystery of Madonna's cat-like eyes - with no hint of crinkle around them. Poor Geri Halliwell, who is 14 years younger than Madonna, looked more wrinkly than she did.

Back to Mr Gaitanis. 'A woman of 45 would usually have loose skin around this area.

'Madonna's top eyelids appear to have no excess skin whatsoever. This could be due to an eyelift or brow lift, which involves the skin of the brow being pulled and muscles beneath tightened by keyhole surgery.

'Madonna's complexion is also excellent. She obviously looks after her skin, and she may even have had a glycolic peel to remove dull cells and reveal her healthy, radiant skin.

A peel may also account for the fact that she does not seem to have any lines around her mouth, which is unusual for a woman of her age. Or she may have had them filled.'

But when asked about the possibility of plastic surgery, Madonna's spokeswoman, Barbara Charone, was perfectly clear on the subject yesterday. 'Absolutely not!' she said. 'She's not had anything done.'

Such a vehement denial seems at odds with a sentiment Madonna herself expressed in September. ' I am certainly not against plastic surgery,' she said. ' However, I am absolutely against having to discuss it.'

More recently, however, she was more dismissive, saying that her new-found Kabbalah spirituality allowed her to focus more on the virtues of infinite compassion and unconditional kindness than the undignified scramble to be the fairest of them all.

'Every once in a while I see a little wrinkle on my face and I go "Bummer". But I'm not going to get caught up in thinking you have to stay eternally young. I am what I am. And I don't like the idea of someone putting you to sleep then taking knives to you.'

She even spoofed the idea of surgical intervention in her Hollywood video, in which she was shown pretending to have Botox injections.

It would surely be too brazen then - even for Madonna - to go back on her word and have her face done. Wouldn't it?

The Christmas season is the perfect time
to fit in a visit to the plastic
surgeon. We asked a source at a Los Angeles
surgery to rate this winter's round
of improvements:

Excellent: Madonna
"Work is subtle and high quality"

Good: Sarah Jessica Parker
"Face youthful and less equine
with the nose thinning."

Bad: Kylie
"Drawn face, and the nose/cheek balance
is a bit off"

Actually, I even paid The "Evil One" a compliment. When she was on I yelled to The Empress in the kitchen. "Come look. You have to see 'Belzie', she actually looks good. Not so grizzled". (Of course The Empress wouldn't take the long walk from the kitchen to actually look).
"Who cares".
I kept wondering why she looked so good. I never even thought it had to be surge.
(I never said I was smart)
It's about time too, she looked a bit craggy over the past years, especially in Swept Away- body was amazing- no body fat in that skimpy black bikini, but her face was showed that time was not waiting for her. She looks freshened up, and better than Barbra's (lesson learned here, don't wait till you sixty to start thinking about surgery- small things over time is the best way to do it).
OK, this is definitely pushing the borderline, even for me. So $$$. Tickets on sale on Monday, 3/29. From today's Daily News:

At $300, Madonna is no cheap date

Is Madonna pushing her fans over the budget line?

The Material Girl's summer "re-Invention" tour will be her most expensive show ever, with tickets costing up to $300 each.

"Madonna is charging $300 for the top seats and $175 for so-so seats," says our snitch. "There are a couple of hundred that are cheaper, but more than 60% of the arena is at insanely expensive prices."

And the payoff?

"Madonna is netting a cool $100 million for three months of concert dates," says the source, adding the total will come from tickets, merchandise and a TV special of the tour.

However, word is that Mrs. Guy Ritchie will be giving fans their money's worth.

Says our spy: "Madonna is working like she never has before. She is doing several greatest hits, and she has been rehearsing with dancers for up to 18 hours a day to make this her best show yet."

The tour comes to Madison Square Garden on June 16-17.

Madonna's rep, Liz Rosenberg, told us: "The tickets are scaled from $300 to $90. This is pretty much in line with other major superstar shows."

Rosenberg added that the clothes in the show will be provided by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, and Christian LaCroix.

Shady, huh, Daddy?
She's getting is SO obvious.
I wish the bitch would just roll around in her money and save the spotlight and time for real talent.
I mean Kaballah, gap add, childrens books?
So SOOO SO sick of her.
And I think her work stinks, lately.
She should get a clue from real heroes like Marlene or Josephine.
It amazes me that a person with her money and power doesnt want to make a bigger influence on the positive manifestations in the world, like human rights and awareness...
Praying for Grace.
Esspecially by her age!
From "Pop Bitch"...

"Celebrity surgery updateNow Botox and trout pouts have been adopted by suburbia celebrities have moved on to something far more flattering.
Ever wondered how Kylie and Dannii got knife-sharp cheekbones in their 30s? Juvaderm,a synthetic collagen-like substance can be injected into the cheeks to give that
perfect sculpted look.
Another use for Juvaderm is to firm up ageing chins and jawlines. Now we think of it,
Madonna's chin is suddenly looking very
pointed and perky..."

I want some.
Really enjoyed this article in todays Independent newspaper
Here's a snippet
Queen of the comeback
Icon, lover, mother, mogul: Madonna has done them all and, along the way, defined stardom. As she reinvents herself again (on stage, naturally), Nick Duerden sifts her greatest hits and misses
24 May 2004

Some time later this evening, Madonna will walk out on to a Los Angeles stage, clad only in Chanel and essence of kabbalah, for the first of what promises to be the most extravagant series of shows she has yet undertaken. Given that all pop stars of global appeal invest much of their neuroses in the eternal need to come back bigger-better-more, this isn't a particularly surprising boast, but given that this is Madonna - the Queen of Pop, lest we forget - we should take the claim seriously. As, presumably, should the British fans who have forked out up to £150 for the privilege of seeing the show when it reaches these shores later this summer.

She's called it the Reinvention Tour, and to suggest that it will be lively is a little like suggesting that Everest is a tallish mountain with some snow on top. According to a mysteriously unidentified source (but let's take a stab in the dark and guess that it's someone on her payroll), the show "will make people's hair stand on end. Madonna has pulled out all the stops to make it her most controversial yet. The concerts are going to cause a stir on the same level as her Sex book and the Erotica album."

The tour's production is massive, costing more than £1m to stage. It will feature Rolling Stones-style pyrotechnics and the kind of special effects not normally seen outside a Texas penitentiary: at one point, Madonna will be strapped into an electric chair that will, we are told, "frazzle" her.

Presumably she won't die, because there's more. Her single "American Life" will be re-worked into an anti-war anthem, with images of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq being shot to pieces. In her rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine", she will spontaneously break down in tears in front of pictures of starving children. Every night.

If this all sounds a little too Michael Jackson, fear not. This is Madonna, after all, and there will be lots of bare flesh and bad language. She'll be indulging in some lesbian sex because - well, why the hell not? And for the climax, she will rise from the dead, something her namesake never managed.
Now, now. Madge has *real problems*:

Terror threat: We'll kill Madonna

Freaked out ... Madge

The Sun

MADONNA has axed three gigs in Israel "” after terrorists threatened to kill her and her kids.

The singer was terrified by a blitz of poison-pen letters.

Madge "freaked out" when she learned of a terrorist plot to kill her two young children if she performed in Israel.

She first planned to defy the extremists but cancelled after the unnamed Palestinian group mentioned details about Lourdes, seven, and three-year-old Rocco in a series of threatening letters.

A source said: "The notes were unbelievably scary. Madonna is a strong woman but she freaked out when her kids were mentioned.

"At first she was prepared to go on stage anyway and hire extra security.

"But she was not ready to take chances with her kids "” they are her whole world."

The threats were sent to the singer's offices in Los Angeles.

They became more frightening as they displayed in-depth knowledge of the star's closest aides.

The source added: "It became clear that these people were not messing around "” they even knew intimate details like who her personal staff are.

"She thought she was being targeted because of her Jewish Kabbalah religion. But this group were threatening her because she represents many things they hate about the West."

Madonna, married to Brit film director GUY RITCHIE, has not performed in Israel since her 1993 Girlie Show.

She had booked three dates in September at the Tel Aviv stadium "” including a televised concert on September 11 to mark the third anniversary of al-Qaeda's attacks on America.

Madonna's people last night insisted the Israel leg of her Re-Invention tour has been cancelled because the singer wants to concentrate on Europe.

But insiders say nothing except this security alert would have stopped her travelling to Tel Aviv.
Suprised that this isn't in mainstream media.. but I guess ET wouldn't get to talk to her on tour if they did do a feature on it! Urgh the media!!
MAY 24--On the eve of Madonna's launch of her "shocking" new tour, the singer has quietly settled a federal lawsuit that accused her of ripping off the work of an acclaimed photographer. Details of the financial settlement are confidential and Madonna acknowledged no wrongdoing in her liberal appropriation of the images of the late French photographer Guy Bourdin. Last September, Bourdin's son Samuel filed a federal copyright lawsuit against Madonna, claiming that her video for the song "Hollywood" was a blatant visual theft job of his father's racy images. "It's one thing to draw inspiration; it's quite another to simply plagiarize the heart and soul of my father's work," Bourdin said at the time. Included in Bourdin's federal complaint were side-by-side comparisons of his father's work with images with stills from the "Hollywood" video. Bourdin's lawyer, John Koegel, said the parties reached a "very, very successful settlement," adding that terms of the deal did not allow him to discuss exact dollar amounts. Below you'll find the stipulation and order of dismissal signed earlier this month by Judge Lewis A. Kaplan. (2 pages)more at

Maybe all the others COUNTLESS whom she has stolen from should do a class action?
Madonna Has Changed Her Name!!!

Just came across this on the internet. Madonna has changed her name from Madonna to Esther. OMG, talk about making a giant cultural leap.. Isn't ANYTHING sacred anymore??

Yikes, all this name-changing going on has me thinking seriously about changing the name of my penis!!!

Anyway, here's the news piece published today in the Houston Chronicle

June 17, 2004, 9:41AM

For `Esther,' `Madonna' is immaterial
Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone has a message for the world: "Call me Esther."

Madonna, after all, isn't exactly kosher if you're into Kabbalah. So the Material Girl has claimed the Hebrew name of Esther.

This announcement comes in the middle of her Re-Invention tour and just days before the release of her third children's book. Her latest, Yakov and the Seven Thieves (Callaway, $19.95), hits bookstores on Monday.

In an interview to air Friday night on ABC's 20/20, Madonna/Esther talks about her faith, adding that although she was named after her mother (who died when she was young), the superstar isn't dishonoring her memory with the name change.

"I wanted to attach myself to the energy of a different name," she says in the interview.

Plenty of other celebrities have tried the same thing. Some name changes have worked. Others failed.

· Prince: In a dispute with a record company over ownership rights to his songs, Prince changed his name to an icon (a fusion of the symbols for male and female). When that didn't bring enough attention, he became "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" and then later, just "The Artist."

Eventually Prince embraced his birth name, but not before most people wondered if he'd lost his mind.

· P Diddy. Puff Daddy. Puffy Combs: No matter how well the hip-hop impresario does on Broadway, or regardless of how many marathons he runs, if Sean Combs changes his name one mo' time, fans likely will revolt. Choose a name. And stick to it.

· Muhammad Ali: When the world heavyweight boxing champ converted to Islam and ditched Cassius Clay, it was a stunning political and social statement.
JEEEEEEZZZZUUUS... er... maybe not.

O.K. We are not refiling all our CDs and records for this. Lord (er..) someone knows we're probably not going to be buying anything that Yentil... I mean Esther puts out.

I so glad we threw that party when we did... I mean I don't think "All Esther. Only Esther." would have brought in the same packed crowd.

What's next? Are we going to have to all embrace Miss Understood's new "Good Catholic Girl." persona?


She better get busy on Google, because another Born-Agin has copped the name:

Maybe she'll start recording hymns too.

Not to mention this very groovy model has swiped the URL!

...who breaks down the name for us all to truly gag over:

"E" is for the EXAMPLE to others, to more than just her peers;
a life dedicated, hard-working, and of overcoming one's fears."

Etc. The new Esther has been majorly one-upped here in the banality department.

"S" is for the STAR she is; and not just one of the night;
her beauty and intelligence, a shining beacon of light."

And on her resume, something to make the Artist Formerly Known As Madonna green with envy:

~ Porno for Pyros back-up dancer, SF
~ Jane's Addiction back-up dancer, SF
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Say what you will about poor ticket sales and deep discounts, but Madoo-doo is doing alright compared to many this summer.

From MTV:
Lollapalooza Canceled; Organizers Cite Poor Ticket Sales
06.22.2004 12:51 AM EDT

Three weeks prior to kickoff, Lollapalooza has been canceled.

Organizers cited poor ticket sales as the reason the 31-date, 16-city trek was called off. This year's lineup was set to include Morrissey, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, the Flaming Lips and the String Cheese Incident (see "Lollapalooza Adds Danger Mouse, Von Bondies; Dates Unveiled").

"The sadness upon hearing about the dismantlement of our tour has quickly turned to anger," read a statement from Lollapalooza co-founder Perry Farrell. "To watch something that you put so many hours of love and time into set ablaze sets my pride on fire. But, like the Phoenix, we still intend to rise. Our campaign will continue for the musicians, the artists, and all those attempting to change the world. Our voices will be heard."

The decision to scrap Lollapalooza was made Monday evening (June 21), when organizers and promoters realized they stood to lose several million dollars. In all markets except New York, advance ticket sales were below estimates.

"On the average, the losses, had ticket sales not dramatically picked up "” which they showed no indication of doing "” the people involved faced losses in the mid-to-high six figures on a per-show basis," said the William Morris Agency's Marc Geiger, another Lollapalooza co-founder.

Fans who purchased tickets will be given refunds.

Geiger said Lollapalooza's plight is indicative of a summer touring season on the slide.

"Lollapalooza is not alone in this," he said. "Everyone from the Dead to Dave Matthews to Norah Jones is suffering. There's not one explanation for this. It might be that ticket prices are too high, which doesn't account for Lollapalooza, because our tickets were priced between $15 and $25. Maybe it's the sundry add-ons [like service charges] that up the cost? Maybe gas prices are too high? Just like the record industry is suffering, the concert business is not exempt.

"After people get through this summer season," he added, "there's going to be a lot of fixing that needs to be done in the concert industry."

Early on in its 13-year history, Lollapalooza built a reputation for eclectic lineups, but as the years wore on it became more well known for having trouble getting off the ground (see "Perry Hits Lollapasnooza Button: Tour Sleeps Another Year"). After 1997's outing with Korn, Tool and Snoop Dogg, the tour lied dormant until last year, when it returned with a lineup that featured Jane's Addiction, Queens of the Stone Age and Audioslave (see "Jane's Addiction Headline But Audioslave Steal Show At Lollapalooza Launch").

"”Joe D'Angelo

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Daddy, it was DeNiro playing the role of Lew Cipher. Messy Bonnie Raitt would have caught on to that right away.

La Madison, the concert industry has faltered because of marketing that is no longer targeted enough. Simply putting tickets up on line at Ticketron etc. won't work any longer in a market that has become super-saturated with touring shows. The shows themselves have run up against a ceiling of extravagant overhead costs. And mostly it is the mid-level productions that can't make it leaving those at the very top i.e. Estheronna and more indy gig-ers who can pull off their shows. If you think about trying to produce at a union house forget it, besides the rent for Madison Sq. you gotta foot the bill for union labor which several years ago began at $75,000 for one night! That feeds the bloated ticket price -you can't perform at that arena and charge lower than $50 for the bad seats. For years music giggin has been one of the harshest commercial environments there is. Add to this brew promoters like John Sher who for the last incarnation of 'Woodstock' engineered a scenario where a hundred thousand young people were kept in a fenced in area for three days of ninty degree plus weather while he sold them $6 bottles of water out of what could be nothing other than sheer cynicism. Maybe people should just get back to emphasizing the music instead of the spectacle, commerce, junk-culture, and fandomhysteria.
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Madonna... I mean Esther is in The Holy Land.
ESTHER - the pop star Madonna - briefly turned her back on the material world yesterday, at the beginning of a five-day pilgrimage to Israel to practise her new-found faith in Jewish mysticism. In a trip welcomed by Israel's tourist industry, but rejected by some scholars of Kabbalah, the pop star said she is serious about her belief and irritated by accusations that her faith is nothing more than a celebrity fad.

Wouldn't it be horrible if they beheaded her?
I mean like if the terrorists got her and beheaded her.
Wouldn't it be awful if The Terrorists were lurking on The Motherboards and read this post and got the idea to behead her?
I hope that doesn't happen.


Images (1)
  • _40079328_madonna203
and the new face!
Last night Chi Chi was howling. I went in to see what she was laughing at.
"Look at Bellzie's new 'religious face'!" she said.
Esther was on TV giving a press conference at The wailing Wall or somewhere. She had this hysterically pious deeply religious expression. It was too much to bear! It was alot like the "Children's Book Face" but much more...
Well, I guess "devote" would have to be the word.
How the hell does she get away with this shit?


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  • ubb
It's always been a pendulum with her, forever swinging between the two themes that have defined her entire career: Religion and her Pussy. (all her various sub-themes that drip out i.e. the dead mother/motherhood, feminism, etc can all be traced back to one of these two gaping holes) Right now she's wrapped up in the former subject. Were it not for her children we could count on her to eventually swing back to the other topic and faithfully spread her legs for the world to see as she has always done before. But now that Lourdes is getting old enough to comprehend what's going on, we may never see Esther talking twat again. Hopefully she'll squeeze out a few more good pop ditties though the sun sets on her secret garden. I enjoy her music.
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Madonna plans Spears' honeymoon

Pop beauty Britney Spears has accepted Madonna's invitation to spend her honeymoon at the Material Girl's British country estate, pals claim.

Madonna and her director husband Guy Ritchie phoned the Toxic singer to congratulate her on last Saturday's wedding to dancer Kevin Federline, and thrilled the 22-year-old by offering her a break from the American media at her $16m (€13.2m) Wiltshire home, reports Britain's The Sun newspaper.

Spears' close friend says: "Madonna always keeps an eye out for Britney. She has taken a keen interest in her career. She and Guy decided it would be a better idea to have them for a holiday than send them a gift.

"Britney was so flattered. She looks up to Madonna and has always claimed she is one of her biggest influences. Spending some time at Madonna's house in England was the ultimate wedding present. It's not an audience many stars are granted."

Madonna's university challenge

THERE are a few challenges left for MADONNA – and a university degree is one of them.

Having pretty much conquered the world of pop, Madge is now set to read Literature at Oxford University.

The Material Girl is to further her knowledge of British literary greats such as Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen by studying for a Bachelor of Arts qualification.

But undergraduates should not get too excited about sharing halls of residence with her "” she will be doing the course from home.

A source said: "Madonna was always frustrated about having to sacrifice her education when her music career took off.

"She is fiercely intelligent and incredibly well read and has always taken a keen interest in literature. She is determined to get a qualification.

"She sets herself new challenges all the time and the Oxford University course is her latest.

"It's an illustrious place to study and she was delighted to be accepted and will make the most of the opportunity."

Madonna is a dab hand on the computer and researched courses where she could study from home and submit her assignments online "” from anywhere in the world. And distance learning at Oxford means just that.

Its Faculty of English is the largest in the UK with about 100 professors and lecturers.

Madge was 19 and learning dance after finishing school in Michigan when her pop career took off.

Since then the Queen of Pop has longed to get her education back on track.
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Let's get realistic about the 'career' trajectory here and drop the euphamisms about 'pop career' 'taking off'. She was in her mid-twenties when she traded time with her cooch to a low-end producer for a recording.

And let's get underneath the gossip mag's subtext, really. Her interest in Spears is the same as her interest was in Sandra Bernhardt. Let's just hope their hubbies get along the same way.

The glam, glitz, and phoney spell of celebritydom ripped away, she's still just a chic from Michigan. You can turn anybody into a popgod, look what they did with Mickey Mouse!
Thanks! Listening to it that she's still in accent limbo. Some reportage hitting the wires today:

Madonna wants US troops out of Iraq
November 10, 2004 - 3:37PM - Agence France Presse

US pop star Madonna has made a rare foray into politics, calling for her home country to withdraw its troops from Iraq during an interview with British radio.

"I just don't want American troops to be in Iraq, period," she said on BBC Radio on Tuesday.

"My feelings are 'can we just all get out?'," said the 46-year-old star, who lives mainly in London with British film director husband Guy Ritchie, who said she believes the US-led war will not help in the fight against terrorism.

"Global terror is everywhere. Global terror is down the street, around the block," she said.

"Global terror is in California. There's global terror everywhere and it's absurd to think you can get it by going to one country and dropping tons of bombs on innocent people."

Madonna's best known belief is her adherence to the Kabbalah, a faith based on the study of Hebrew texts which has become increasingly popular in recent years, notably among music and film stars.

On other subjects, the singer said the recent US presidential election had illustrated how US society was "becoming very divided".

"People are becoming very polarised," she said. "We have people who don't want to think, and who just want to guard what is theirs, and they're selfish and limited in their thinking and they're very fearful in their choices."

Madonna said that her personal choice for the presidency would have been Wesley Clark, the former four star general who was well beaten to the Democratic nomination by John Kerry.

"I thought very carefully about it. I thought Wesley Clark had the best leadership qualities," she said.

"If he had the same political experience as Kerry he could have bridged that gap."

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