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SWIRL 11/21: After~Work Play Soiree

with EpicuresNYC Private Membership Club

THURSDAY, November 21st, 6PM-11PM
A Celebration of Life Special Event: ALL ADMISSION $20*

* admission restrictions apply



SWIRL 11/21 is a Special Event to celebrate how fortunate We all ARE.  Life is precious and short, and in Honor of My Dearly Departed Aunt, I am giving you an “inheritance gift” of discounted admission, per Her request.   She was unable to attend My events during Her final years, so She asked Me to do something special to let as many people have a good time as possible.  Again, My generosity has limits, so the time to benefit from My benevolence is NOW.  Restrictions apply and only those who are worthy of Our Zone will be permitted to attend.  Worthy = having manners, respect, integrity, decorum, excellent hygiene, and discretion.



EVERYONE: Please PAY ATTENTION TO THE RSVP PROCESS.  READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!  ALL of My Events require you to RSVP for each event on the event’s  specific webpage  in order to  automatically  receive pertinent information to attend.  Handel your affairs for your fun!


EpicuresNYC and SWIRL:


designed for quality Fetishists to come together to:


  • build a Real-Life Community
  • have a “home” for your Fetish expressions
  • surround yourself with good people with good energies
  • PLAY safely and comfortably without worry!!!!


SWIRL is an opportunity for  EpicuresNYC  to invite people to join Us.   Our goal is to enjoy Our Fetish indulgences again!



Please CLICK HERE for an invitation to join Us at SWIRL!



More Events Coming Soon!


About My Events:


I do NOT produce events to make money; I produce them to have events that I enjoy with people I enjoy.   My events are never crowded; good music is played at perfect levels for Play and conversation;  We can sit comfortably AND have room to Play in a  completely PRIVATE, NEWLY RENOVATED, gorgeous, clean venue in Midtown Manhattan, NYC near ALL transportation and parking.  My events are civilized, beautiful, and comfortable Fetish Art soirees. If you cannot attend SWIRL for whatever reason, you may engage Me to help you create your Fabulous Fetish Festivities!  Contact Me for My Custom-Designed PRIVATE Events and let’s make it happen!




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