How beautiful is she?!!!!!

I met Sylvester (with his "Two Tons of Fun" to boot!) one night at the Paradise Garage.
I sat with her in the DJ booth and watched the crowd dancing below.
We talked a little but mostly just sat.
I'll never forget it though.

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I was completely entranced by Sylvester when I was a kid. For the longest I just was amazed a female singer was going by the name Sylvester. (Im from the midwest!) I used to go to a teen disco on Friday and Saturdays when I was 14 and live when they played Miss Sylvester. Then when I learned the T. I was over the moon! The turbans, caftans, satin disco pants, all so gorgeous on that flawless, chocolate canvas. "You Are My Friend" still makes me cry since he died. What an effortless diva. Thanks for the glorious pic Daddy.

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