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As most of you know The Jackie Factory helped produce the Taboo after party at The Roxy.
OK lets dish the dish!
The costumes, the Go Go, Penny Marshall... etc.
(I know, the VIP room thing was hideous and FYI...
definately NOT our idea!)

Mags are calling left and right for more pictures. If anyone has any great ones (like the one of pretty Jackie Bigalow here) please send them to
Don't forget to write who took it and who it is of.
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I was at Taboo The First Night and Taboo The Party and have some amazing pictures to prove it. One wonderful dragged-up stunner caught my eye but she doesn't appear in any pix alas. She was seated in the stalls at Taboo and had slicked back DA blonde hair, cowboy boots and a fitted jacket with shoulders and some detailing.


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