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I absolutely adore Tammy Faye. I didn't really know too much about this warm, kind-hearted
lady until I saw the documentary film
about her called Through The Eyes Of Tammy Faye. This film is narrated by RuPaul. Tammy Faye (and yes, her ex-husband too, James Bakker)
has always reached out to gays and the gay community - even long before it became "chic" and
popular to do so. Tammy's really cool!

xox - hugs & kisses Tammy!
Sad news Frown

Tammy Faye Messner Says She Has Cancer

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Former televangelist Tammy Faye Messner announced Thursday on CNN's ``Larry King Live'' that she has inoperable lung cancer.
Messner, 62, told one caller that she ``believes in miracles'' and told another that she is considering holistic medicine in addition to chemotherapy to treat her cancer.

The former Tammy Faye Bakker divorced televangelist Jim Bakker in 1992 while he was serving a sentence for financial fraud.
Messner has a self-help book ``I Will Survive ... And You Will, Too!'' that was released last year before she was diagnosed. She recently appeared on the WB reality show ``The Surreal Life,'' costarring with former rapper Vanilla Ice, ex-porn star Ron Jeremy and others.
I watched Tammy on Larry King Live when she came out to the world as having inoperable lung cancer. NO she never smoked a day in her life. Tammy's spirit is so bright and her outlook on life is so fabulous I really do pray that God has more plans for her and she stays with us for a long, long time. I think she is a true original with a simple message of love and forgiveness. A message many people need to hear.

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I'm a hypocrite, I admit it. I watched the Eyes of Tammy Faye I enjoyed her, I even got a photo with her at an event... but ultimately, I have to say that we are letting her off the hook by unconditionally embracing her. She spent years at the top of a conservative Christian organization which in no way came off as pro gay.. or pro anything most of us believe in. And worse, she lived the high life off of money they swindled out of vulnerable viewers She's not a dope, she knew what she was doing. She does seem sweet but I never heard any apologies come out of her. Still, I do love her look!
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really, bobby... that's not necessary.

and yes, missy... what you said is true.
but she was one of the first to address HIV/AIDS
in a loving, compassionate, humane way.
she's always represented that side of christianity that doesn't judge others...
but no matter what your feelings are about her.
really... it's incredible to see just how frail she's become physically while maintaining a remarkably sharp and agile mind.
truly worth a watch.
As arresting and disturbing it was to see Tammy Faye on Larry King a few moments ago, I have to say I was amazed at her amazing outlook. I have always been a huge fan of hers. Yes the "Tammy Faye" look has always been genius, but the bigger picture truly is she has NEVER really been about religion. she has always been about faith. It will be a sad day when she is no longer in this world.
It will be a sad day when she is no longer in this world.

Well, that day has come.

With all her faults, a true American original in every way - a Sister Aimee for our times. I too had a soft spot for her - her attitude in the face of such humiliation and ruin was inspiring, no matter what one thought of her ministry, ex-husband, or makeup choices.

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The Tammy Faye cult among the gay community illustrates perhaps better than anything how far queens will go in the worship of aesthetics. I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone and confess to having an ongoing appreciation of her "camp" appeal, plucky spirit, shameless publicity-seeking and guts. I just think the adoration of her among fags is overrated. She is (was) not Dolly Parton, kids. More like Imelda Marcos. She and her husband orchestrated one of the biggest frauds in U.S. history and might still be doing so had it not been for church ho Jessica Hahn. Of course anyone stupid enough to fall for the PTL Club arguably deserved to get swindled! And yes, she has always displayed some level of gay acceptance, as does her hot Brooklyn preacher son. But still ...

That said, I'll miss her. She was an original.
On a personal note, I corresponded with Tammy through letters and first met her in NYC after the PTL scandle. She was a remarkable person full of love for everyone. Her awareness regarding her past mistakes was inspirational and should be a lesson for all of us who make mistakes in our life and take the oppertunity to change and learn from them. And as the scriptures tell us..." Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
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People get so hung up on the word "christian". Admittedly alot of that is because what many "christians" have done to pervert the word. Tammy Faye even in her PTL heyday NEVER bought into religion. She never bought into the shame that many christians heap on each other. She taught to follow your faith. Her faith just happened to be in the teachings of Jesus. A true historical "punk" if ever there was one. One of the biggest lessons in christianity is the ability to forgive as well as be forgiven. Her involvement in the PTL scandal was an atrocious example of getting caught up in money. Lest we forget it was the 80's and EVERYONE was raping one another for a buck. Tammy Faye talked alot in her personal appearances about how in ancient civilizations when someone committed murder they were not put in prison. Instead the person they murdered was strapped to their back and the murderer was forced to drag the body around with them until that dead person on their back ultimately killed them. When we let go of those "people" strapped to our backs, and make peace with our mistakes, only then can we move on. I think Tammy died knowing she didnt have to carry anybody on her back anymore. I am saddened by her death and think the world lost a kooky, kind, loving woman.
I agree about the "Christian" thing Sweetie.
The word has been corrupted.
It's come to mean "conservative" which is ironic because Jesus was a revolutionary if there ever was one.

When I think of the hateful "Christians" at Matthew Shephard's funeral with signs saying "GOD HATES FAGS" an "BURN IN HELL" etc. I wish I had a lightning bolt!
I seem to recall that she was pretty doped up during a lot of the PTL years; Jim and "the boys" had doctors prescribing pills for her that she never needed for many years. Just look at some of the old footage of her on that show and you'll see moments of sheer incomprehensible rambling coming from her. Not that that excuses her for knowingly scamming parishioners, but I do think that there was a break from reality for her during the years leading up to the Jessica Hahn scandal.

Several years ago, she was part of a charity event at Webster Hall with Laura Branigan (R.I.P.), who I was working with at the time. It was so much fun. She always stayed right on message regarding love and compassion, faith and forgiveness, and laughter (at oneself, mostly). I told her that my mom loved her and it was actually her birthday. Tammy made me call her right then and there so she could tell my mom that she loved her, too. She rocks in my good book.
As a woman who had to make in the 'man's sidekick' world I give her props. I'm not convinced of her unassailable character when she was part of JB's telescamgelist escapades. I think she certainly wasn't admirable during her jail stint -I mostly found her manner off-putting. This is not to gainsay any one of your positive experiences or takes on her. I think she was actually very creative in the sense that she was self-made; she was her own best creation, a kind of walking talking va va va voomdisciple full of floorboard stomping evangelical cheeriness -a real American confection of kitsch religion, Southern hospitableness, dimestore fashion predelictions and scarily earnest. And my experience of the creative is that they are never one dimensional, problem free people. She certainly stared the ole reaper straight on.
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