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Hello Everyone -

I am very excited that Rapture Cafe has given me the go ahead to produce a new installment of "Tell Tale Art" in their gorgeous new space.

First show is set for February 15th @ 8pm.

Tell Tale Art is a springboard for new ORIGINAL works utilizing the spoken word...including everything from traditional oral story telling to lyric based monologues... and all syllables in between.

I am pleased to finally be at a place - both mentally and financially - where I can dedicate myself to produce another monthly event and more importantly - PARTICIPATE as a performer again - it has been a long time - but I know it will prove worth all the challenges.

I hope I still have a network of supporters out there... anyone interested in contributing - please do contact me either here or at

By the way - I just read
"Breaking Open The Head" by Daniel Pinchbeck (who lives here in the EV) - fabulous - thought provoking, well researched... an exploration of modern day Shamanism. I highly recommend.
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