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It's been great spending the last few hours just sitting here getting some of that great Jackie juice again. Working at Jackie gave me the chance to get to know ChiChi and Johney better and for that I am always thankful. I was already a great admirer of ChiChi's writing but working at Jackie I got so much more exposure to her work and it's inspiration. Among some of ChiChi's gifts to my life were Iceberg Slim, 7 African Power candles (to be used sparingly!), "Take Back the Night" as a mantra, and the term "impossible beauties" for the drags. (BTW, the new "Gracelets" essay is gorgeous!) And Johnny - well, is there a sweeter and more sincere man? I remember every Tuesday night at around 10:30, Johney would look out at the near-empty room and exclaim that no one was coming. Of course, a half-hour later the place would be packed. Johnny never took anything for granted, which is what kept the club on it's creative edge. And Johnny's gift to me were words of wisdom... "Don't you know that all successful men have big dicks?". Well, it's not quite true but the survey was fun to conduct.
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I just got back in town and found your post. You're right. I did say that EVERY Tuesday night for 10 years. You really brought me back.
I'm so glad that you are with us on our brand new journey... The Motherboards! It's only right. Can't wait to see you in the flesh.

And by the way...
you're not supposed to tell everyone my theory! It was for you because you have one of the most "successful" dicks I have ever seen in my life!!!

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