As some of you may know I have been archiving my photographs from Jackie 60, taken during the last few years before Mother closed its doors. I have finally been able to make some headway in my editing. Here is a small sampling of what is in my files. I promise to post more soon.

And when they ask about Jackie 60, and they do, I tell them THIS is what you missed.
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I am living for Big Sue.

And BTW...
That isn't Hattie Hathaway.
It's her cousin Irma (the whoo-wha) who came in for The Hooker's Ball.
Daddy, thanks for the 411 on Hattie's sister Irma. I knew it was the other one but couldn't remember her name. And yes Gobs, you are so right, they BOTH loved acid washed denim.
Bobby, you are neglecting a shot of yourself on closing night with your to-do-ments insconced in meerely a gold sequined pouch, and nothin else on.

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