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fuck! Joe Stummer dead at 50...they think it was just a heart attack nothing suspicious....
I have ALWAYS said that The Clash was the best and loudest gig i ever went to..I went to two nights in a row at the Royal Court in Liverpool... in the mosh pit..the energy was electric but positive...they were always in my hometown supporting all the local political plights - socialism and racism - They even bought allot of the local musicians guitars and Mick Jones gave money to a local recording studio for unemployed kids to use... The Clash... one of THE BEST...true iconoclasts...true revolutionary..without sylists and record label BS that u get today! Bless ya Joe!
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my first day off in 6 months and I'm awakened by this?!?!

my fav punk band ever. period. politics and aggression, reggae and humour.

i got to see Joe and his new band last year and he threw in a couple of clash songs... as close as i'll ever get to seeing them play live - and i was going to beg, borrow and steal to get into the Hall of Fame induction ceremony because they were going to regroup. damn.

RIP Mr. Strummer

'no, i just read it somewhere.'
- tom stoppard

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