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I know we've already got discussion on this film over in QMTV, Gender Varient Films, but for those of you who never read there, I thought I'd get this up. I don't usually toss around the phrase "creative ancestors", but in this case, it totally applies.

Here's the latest from our dear friend Miss Vera-


> Candida Royalle and Veronica Vera Invite You....
> Dear Friends,
> "The Cockettes" is not just a movie, it is an experience and the best antidote to September 11th. We invite you to join us for the opening of this film on Friday, June 28th at the Quad Cinema, NYC.
> Some background from
> "As the psychedelic San Francisco of the '60's began evolving into the gay San Francisco of the '70's, The Cockettes, a flamboyant ensemble of hippies (women, gay men, and babies) decked themselves out in gender-bending drag and tons of glitter for a series of legendary midnight musicals at the Palace Theater in North Beach. With titles like "Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma" and "Pearls over Shanghai", these all singing, all dancing extravaganzas featured elaborate costumes, rebellious sexuality, and exuberant chaos."
> This documentary is especially meaningful for the two of us. Candida performed with many of the original Cockettes in several groups including the "Angels of Light" between '72 - '74" and says of that time: "It was my blossoming period that rippled and continues to resonate throughout my creative life." To me, the Cockettes embodied the fun, freedom and world changing attitude that drag and Miss Vera's Academy celebrate. We went to see the film last week when it showed for one night at the Gay & Lesbian (Bi and Transgender) Film Festival and were so moved, we wanted our friends to share this joy. The movie chronicles the Cockettes in SF ('68-'71) including their performance in NY in 1971.
> If you would like to remember a time when people shared food and not fear. If you would like to remember a time before AIDS. If you would like skip the Friday night traffic and add a lot more sparkle to your life, please join us.
> Love,
> Candida Royalle Veronica Vera
> Femme Productions Miss Vera's Finishing School
> For Boys Who Want to be Girls
> >From Susie Bright:
> "god, I just saw this in Santa Cruz, and not only did it inspire me, I just cried my eyes out at the end... when that one queen said, "give me a tab of acid, a torn dress and I'm ready to start the
> revolution... or whatever it was, I just felt like OH MY GOD, what's

> happened to the world! I'm not being freaky enuf for my daughter!"
> What: The Cockettes, Documentary Feature by David Weissman and Bill Weber
> When: Friday, June 28th, 8pm (approx. pls check with theater or with us on the day of the show for exact time).
> Where: Quad Cinema, 13th St. (Between 5th & 6th Avenues).
> Dress: Add some glitter
> Tickets: $10 at box office, First come/first served. Please rsvp to either of us via e-mail and we will give the theater notice to reserve a block of seats.
> Visit for details and reviews.
roll eyes roll eyes

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I was so moved to see old friends existing on film, trapped there in time. There was all the wonderful freeks of my youth. Comrades and sisters. Scrumbly and Goldy and Johnny Earth and Hibiscus...LONG LIVE HIBISCUS!!And Sweet pam and fayette...I miss them and those days.

I was in tears and laughter from beginning to end.
And all these kids today think it all began with them will finally see the real founders of this life we live and love.

Long Live The Cockettes smile
It is a chronicle of those who fancy-danced in heels, glitter, and feathers before us. Furthermore, it is a fascinating to see such a different era- hippie communes, free love, lots of potent LSD (and certainly not the kind of stuff I had in high school a decade later), and a brief time when gender wasn't really an issue (or so it seemed in the movie). At the same time, the scenes from the opening night of their performance in NYC show how some things never change- air kisses, snatchy comments, and everybody has something to say to the camera. Also, the movie contrasts how different the Cockettes were in comparison to what was going on in the grittier NYC at the same time- the Warhol superstars, Max's Kansas City, and so on- a very unique performance troupe. And I have to say that Black Lips must have evolved with some of the same spirit 20 years later.

Go see the movie...

The film is I believe playing for one night only-Friday June 28 for 3 screenings at The Quad.

Here is the information from Veronica. I am not sure which screening JD and I will be attending, but will post it here.

>The screening time we've chosen is 7:40p. The theater manager cannot hold a
>block of seats. But we can all order from or 212-777-film. I
>just ordered from moviefone. There is a $1 surcharge so tix are $10 total. I
>think this makes a lot of sense and cuts out having to get there way early.
>It still will be a good idea to get there about 7:15 to make sure we get
>good seats and so we can hang out and get excited together.
>If you would like to avoid the surcharge, tix are on sale right now and will
>be at box offices anytime it is open.
>Quad is at 34 West 13 Street, betw. (5-6th Aves).

>ps: if 7:40 does not work for you, there is a show at 9:15 and one at 9:50
>(movie is showing in 2 auditoriums), but the big fun will be7:40. Additional
>show times are listed on moviefone.

>Please confirm that you got this message.
>Cherchez la femme,

eek roll eyes big grin wink cool razz smile
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I was too young (and on the wrong coast) to have experienced any of the Cockettes magick firsthand, except in one small way - I bartended at Hibiscus's memorial service at Danceteria a decade after the period this film documents. I remember being intrigued by these glittering elders - so captivating and charismatic even in their grief - and knowing instinctively that someday their mysteries would be revealed.

Finally, last night, twenty years later I got that chance, and was completely destroyed in the best possible way. Repeating the chorus above, you MUST see this film!

Happily, you will have plenty of chances: Correcting my earler post, The Cockettes will be playing at the Quad through July 4, ten screenings a day!
but this movie really does a beautiful job of documenting the work of the Cockettes and also shows the roots of the current alternative queer communities like the radical faeries. It shows how magical things were, but also gave me hope for the future when I saw a full theatre enjoying this film. Go go go go go go see this movie.
Finally got to see that wonderful doc depicting SF and the youth culture of that time, my time.

Seeing the first few pics of George Harris sans beard and Hibiscus drag made me gasp out loud and later brought a tear to this old queen's eyes. That was the George I knew, looking a bit (and acting a lot) like Dennis the Menace.

To actually see what he told me about--the costumes and performances- rounded out my knowledge of this beautiful soul. I'm so in agreement with his belief in free art and the pitfalls of greed.

I never would have pictured this smooth cherub of a lad to be bearded and super artsy but there it was.

I'm tempted to go on about the peculiarities of his physiology and how it got me into a fetish that I still crave which I prefer keeping private at this time.

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OMG. We laughed. We cried. It was better than Cats.

Seriously, how inspiring, and discouraging at the same time. They had all the right ideas in '68 - '71... too bad it couldn't have remained pure.

We want to go to the alternate universe where the flower children were successful in changing the world.

There are 9 extra scenes on the DVD, so those of you who saw it in the theater should revisit it Smile

I just got back last night from Portland. Before I left I went over to David Weissman's house to meet him. (I completely forgot that we had this thread going and yes, I know I'm a bimbo). We were talking for quite a while. (he's very nice BTW) He was giving me some great advise on "The Jackie 60 Movie" etc. Then some how the conversation turned to 2 freaks named Zazoo & Sarori.
I was stunned.
I said, "You mean my Zazoo & Sarori"?
He said, "You know, from The Motherboards".
I gagged.
You guys are legendary.
i also got the cockettes dvd on amazon. i have watched it so many times! it has been a true inspiration to one such as myself who has become disenchanted and disgusted by modern society at large--a time when humanity was not nearly so cynical. you all know from my previous postings that i feel very strongly about gay herstory and the stories of our "glittering elders" to borrow an elegant phrase. long live the cockettes and the spirit of revolution!

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