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FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2008
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On what would have been Dean Johnson's 47th birthday, his many friends, cohorts and fellow musicians joined for an epic celebration of New York City's recently lost Star. The towering Johnson was a pioneer in many ways, helping to shape the NYC gay and transgendered nightscape with his parties ROCK 'N ROLL FAG BAR and HOMOCORPS but Dean was probably best known as songwriter and lead singer for two influential NYC bands, DEAN AND THE WEENIES and THE VELVET MAFIA.

The Dean Johnson Memorial Concert at Don Hill's was out of control.
Could it be anything else?

Machine Dean Dazzle
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If you were there, you know how magical, elegant, mournful, sexy, transformative and truly uplifting this evening was.

Dean was the catalyst, connecting and reconnecting so many bright lights from three decades of NYC Nocturnal Overness. From my perch at the door, I missed lots of the shows, but did manage to catch some extraordinary glimpses of both bands, Phoebe Legere, Connie Fleming, Justin Bond, The Bankheads (in rarest form EVER!), and the stunning Dancenoise/Dazzles-orchestrated finale.

Ya know, everyone says NY is so over, but this night was as great as any in the past 25 years, despite all of the glittering Missing Persons like the Birthday Boy himself.

Love and huge props to the entire ensemble - producers, curators, DJs, volunteers, performers and every one of you who came early, stayed late, and donated generously.

After the expenses of the show and documentation, the night raised roughly $3,300 for Sylvia's Place. I am leaving the donation button up on the event webpage for another day or two if you'd like to add to that before we write the final check!

Please post links to pictures and reports here and add your own..
Hi all -

i posted a few of the songs performed by The Weenies on youtube. the video is a bit rough as it was filmed on one of the little flip cameras but i think it captures some the enthusiasm, energy and power.

hopefully the following link works

but if not, just search "rockomez" on you tube and you s/b end up at my page.

Thanks to all for such a wonderful evening. i cant think of a better way to celebrate the life and times of Dean Johnson.

Okay Kids - This is the link where I'm posting videos.

But here's the deal...I was told early in the night that because of issues...the camrea hooked up to the soundboard was going to only be for sound and not video. When I got the tapes, I dimwittingly didn't check it for myself before cutting up the tripod camera's video into mpegs and sending to the girl who is uploading it for me. ( some of you know that I live in DA WOODS and only get dial up ) And that person is going on vacation next I told her to go ahead and start posting the stuff which is okay...but not the best the sound could be. Still enjoyable though.
I'm actively looking for a source of high speed internet here and if my village is somehow transported by a time machine out of the 1800's....I'll post the better quality stuff myself. But for now this will have to do's been a long 8 months. But wanted the people involved to know we do have better quality stuff if needed.
There are only a couple of videos there now but will be over 30 eventually.
Thanks to everyone for all your help and keep in touch.
Love, Beth Johnson
Of course, AFTER confessing my lack of experience, I went to make a DVD from the tapes plugged into the soundboard and discovered that while doing that did cut out club/conversation noise....I guess being plugged in directly was too much for the camera, cause the sound on those films is unbearable to listen to. So it seems fate led me in the right direction after all and the clips I'm posting from the tripod camera are the best sounding. SO ENJOY!!!
I just want to say thank you one more time to everyone who made this possible. You are really good people and should be proud of yourselves.
and BoB....I was listening to your story again about singing Mona Lisa is a Drag Queen to the Mona Lisa tourists...and thinking how very much that would please Dean and it just made me really smile. :-) Thanks for handling all the varying emotions of the night with such grace and humor.
Peace out,
"The girl"... Thanks, Aunt Beth. I feel the love.

Uploading the videos is taking some time, but I'm getting there. I'm nearly done uploading number 14 of the 30+ I have... Also, many of my friends wanted to pass on their condolences to my Uncle's friends. Although, none of us ever got to make it to a show, I got a bunch of my friends hooked from sharing my cds with them.

I wish I'd been able to make it to the concert, but obligations made it impossible. However, I heard it was awesome and am enjoying all the videos while putting them up on the net.

All my gratitude and thanks go to those of you who made the night something very special in the memory of my Uncle Dean.

Thank you,

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