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Greetings everyone:

HX Magazine is running a feature on the incomparable Debbie Harry in an upcoming issue. As the Mother crew has always been so close to her (and she to you), we wanted to send out an A.P.B. to all of you asking what YOUR favorite Debbie Harry moment is from her years of membership in the New York scene.

It could be a night out with her, an experience seeing her in performance, or simply one of her songs that you still hold among your all-time favorites.

I would need responses by Sunday, March 28 (apologies in advance for the short notice).

If you would like to participate, please jot down a BRIEF response and e-mail it to me at the address below ALONG WITH A DIGITAL PHOTO OF YOURSELF.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions as well.


Gregory T. Angelo
Music Editor
HX Magazine

212.352.3535 x35
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I remember one time Debbie an' me found this fat NYU kid an' we tied him up to a chair in my room. We had a hoot with that little butterball. He would cry an' cry. "My Daddy's got alot a money..." bla bla bla. We used to blindfold him then take turn farting in his face. He would have to guess which one of us it was. I thought I was gonna pee!
Wait a minute...
I did pee!
Wait a minute...
that wasn't Debbie...
it was my girlfriend Jackie Bigalow.


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