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I didn't know where to put this pic so I started this general topic about clubbin' in the Eighties.

I re-met photographer Janette Beckman recently with our own lovely Anna Nicole. She told me that she photographed me once in the Eighties.
Foolishly I questioned her.
She then sent Anna Nicole this pic as proof.

I learned a big lesson.
Don't ever question something that ALLEGEDLY happened in the Eighties because it probably did!
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OK, look out A.N.!

I had to do some digging but I found Anna Nicole's original topic, "Pictures from our past" from August 2003.
It's hysterical.
I'm going to try and bring the whole topic over here and combine them.

Wish me luck.

This was Anna Nicole's original post.

Posted 08-07-03 10:32 AM
I was SO inspired by the fab pictures of us all in our Boy George 80s period... (Hopeless Devoted/Boy George section)... that I thought i would give yers all a laff and post some of mine! PLEASE DIG OUT SOME OF YOURS AND POST! Am loving these... Sorry there is a load (feel like Viper Boy with all the pics of myself!)... me and Steve Strange (not true what Boy George said in his bk, Steve was SO sweet to me when i was a kid..infact the clothes in the pics were stuff he'd bought me - i thought i was HOT! LOL), The group pic (I am bottom left) was our Liverpool gangs holiday to Blackpool (like Coney island!!) we invaded a lil tacky bed and breakfast (FYI thats Paul from FGTHollywood in the middle of that pic)Anyway.. thought y'all would get a laugh out of my teenage years at my expense!


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