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I had to take a moment to discuss my favorite television show of all time!!

I started watching Golden Girls with my dad when I was 10 years old and I still watch it in re-runs on Lifetime, television for women and drag queens. I just can't get enough!!

All of the actresses in it were just flawless, each winning an emmy for their roles; (My favorite being Bea Arthur).

Right now there are no plans to release the episodes on DVD, but there is an online petition being signed asking Buena Vista Studios to release the episodes so they can be kept alive forever!

If you'd like to sign it visit the link below...Thanks!! Smile

*Huggz *n* kissez*
Empira State
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Bea Arthur was always a major favorite of mine. Even pre-Maude.
Here's a GG story...
On Sept 11, 2001, the police sealed off access to my house after dark, so I had to stay at a friend's house in the West Village. Unable to sleep, I switched on the TV and was treated to endless re-runs of the crumbling towers. The same shots over and over. On over 200 channels.
Finally, one tiny station somewhere began to show Golden Girls episodes back-to-back, all through the night. The Golden Girls saved my life!
Ahhh.... thats a luverlee thought... when we were all so frazzled downtown to be able to watch back to back Golden Girls - wish i had found that station then.
It is a fantastic show..... especially the earlier episode... the cast were ALL amazing.. the one liners so fierce and funny. It's always a treat.
Used to love real early Roseanne show too...(only EARLY ones!)
Did anyone see Bea Arthurs one woman show?
It's so funny...
When I first started reading this topic I was going to post how after 9/11 "The Golden Girls saved my life". I didn't see that marathon Hatch but for some reason I just started watching The GGs too. It was total escapism but who cares, it worked. When everything was turned upside down The Golden Girls brought me back.
Love The Golden Girls...It was Sex in the City for (ahem) mature women...Bea Arthur was co funny and Rue McClanahan was great to (I mean, Who wouldn't Blanche sleep with right?) And I love Sophia too, Estelle Getty was great too. "Picture it..Sicily...1927.." and Betty White as Rose, with her dreaded St. Olaf stories.
Hatches, I love Bea Arthur--She was in 3Penny Opera Off-Broadway in the 50s and proceeded to Yente in the original cast of Fiddler (another favorite of mine) and of course Mame (well, she wasn't Mame, but Vera was Fabulous too!) and then she met Archie Bunker and stood up for herself and WON! and then Maude..and on and on.
Cross post from the nightlife forums:

Saturday, February 28

53 Christopher St
free before 11pm, $5 after

To thank you for being a friend, the hosts of faux-drag party Victoria bring you their second annual "We Love the Golden Girls" tribute night. Win DVDs in the Sophia talent contest or the Dorothy/Blanche/Rose lookalike contest. Enjoy performances from the best senior talent in New York, including legendary drag queens Linda Simpson (emcee) and Lavinia Coop, and bellydancing grandma Susie Q. Violet Temper honors Designing Women, while Dave End, the Martini Twins, MargOH! Channing, Raven Snook and an original faux-drag Golden Girls troupe (Amber Martin, Ann Carr, Cherelynore and Queens Marie) channel the four most sexy geriatric ladies in history. And best of all, free cheesecake! Come dressed like it's 1985 Miami, or let us dress you!

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