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The long-awaited JACKIE 60 MOVIE isn't finished yet, but a very special preview of director JACK GULICK'S work-in-progress is available for the next six months at THE MUSEUM OF SEX NYC. Several sections from the film featuring THE HOUSE OF DOMINATION and other house stars have been added to the NYC SEX: HOW NEW YORK CITY TRANSFORMED
SEX IN AMERICA exhibit, in the 1001 NIGHTS video gallery.

Segments from RUBBER NURSES, CYBERSLUTS and MANORAMA are included, as is MARTI DOMINATION's classic SHOE DANCE. We are proud to be included along with visionary pervs and libertines from many eras, including MAE WEST and ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE!
And what of the rest of the movie, which chronicles the last 40 weeks of the 20th
Century at JACKIE 60? We'll be adding clips to the JACKIE 60 website in January, but it is too soon to speculate when this mammoth project will finally be finished.

Weekday tickets $12 (Weekends $17)
For hours and address or advance tickets visit

If you are a featured performer in one of these segments, after New Year's we will be arranging comps to the museum for you.

Featured performers - All Jackie MCs, Jessica Rabbit, Marti, Dolly, Genocide, Dillon, Eva Domination; Flowryder, Clete and Eli; Bob. Please email me after New year's to arrange!

Marti Domination's infamous "Shoe Dance"

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It's a preview of some of the downtown movies being made. (some faster than others) It's good.

If you want to see some of Paul Brissman's stills from the movie go to and click on THE JACKIE 60 MOVIE.
If you want to see the actual movie...
SEND MONEY!!!!!!!!!
I had no idea it was so hard to get a movie made. The footage that Jack Gulick shot is amazing. We just have so much of it it's hard to narrow it down to 90 minutes.
I mean WHAT DO YOU CUT????
The Duelling Bankheads? Kiki & Herb? Debbie Harry dressed as a priest singing "Maria"? Or Debbie as a Geisha Girl? Or Jayne County? Or Kembra? Or Poison Eve?
Well, maybe Poison Eve.
The interviews alone would make Ric Burns weep!

Jessica Rabbit Domination as a CYBERSLUT


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too much to look at? tell merlinator about it. editing out the fun and crazy stuff to get to the really great stuff is the hardest, cause it's almost impossible to believe what you are looking at -- really happened and don't think anyone will believe you unless you show it all.

merlinator has been trying to get an evening 'slide show' event together for the Jackie familiy from just 1999 and can't pick and choose among the many photos of everyone looking so young, hung & dressed to take over the night.
...hello guys....just having experinced what the mother and jackie was ....and still is ...i cannot wait to see the movie....after all the best nightclub promoters and shows ever the way here in Barcelona "orphans of the new york nightlife" is having big scrennings here in Barcelona.....chi chi if you need anybody to promote the jackie movie in BCN count on me!!!
Last night I watched about 4 hours of edited interviews.
I never realized how out-there Jackie was. I mean I guess I knew but now that some time has passed and New York has turned into somewhere else...
well, Jackie seems like a dream. Everyone in the movie is so...
Robert Flowryder's and Betty Domination's interview alone will bring people to their knees.
And Flloyd!
I'm still reeling.
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From talking to you about this recently Daddy, I think it is pointless to try to make the 500 hours into ONE movie. Keep the performances intact, and market it as a series. You know there are at least 1,700 people (the Motherboarders!) who would buy the entire series. Self-produce, and make a profit.

Don't forget to check out MONDO NEW YORK which showcases alot of the great Pyramidees.

When are you going to bloodie call me for the interview?
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Here is something to look at of the "work in Progress". (yes yes, I know, you say, "And what progress is there Agent Blue its been forever?" And I say these things have a time and a place. The perfect time for the Jackie Movie to emerge from her cocoon is Dec. 28th 2009, Exactly 10 years to the day that Jackie 60 Vanished from the NY Club scene. (Or did she?)
I went back and watched the J60 trailer and rediscovered this golden nugget of wisdom from Mommy on Verbal Abuse series...

"It wasn't just somebody droning in some sort of sad sack outfit."

BAH!!! Immediately I was transported to the basement of 432. I remembered the Unseen Warhol show that M & D had worked on and the check from Leigh at KRT had come with, shall we say UNSEEN signature, and I had to run to their office tog et it signed so we could put it in the bank and cover the bills that had just been paid. Why that fact sticks in my head I don't know. I still can't remember the word for yesterday in spanish. Life's endlessly funny like that.

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