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The clips are incredible. If they are anything to go by I, as one who came too late to take a bite out of Jackie 60, am so excited. I remember after one of my performances at Magique Chi Chi said I had the Jackie flavour. Watching the clips now I realize the magnitude of the compliment.

This movie is going to be so valuable to many walks. Now with the wonder of DV I think nightlife can be captured in a way never possible before. I listened to the clips with my headphones (as not to wake JZ) and the sound is awesome. Ok - have to go watch the clips all over again and perhaps wake JZ and have her watch them to.
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So glad you liked the clips Alligator.
(You do have that "Jackie Feeling" by the Way)
The problem with making "The Jackie Movie" is that we have SO much great footage. Like 500 hours of shows and interviews! How do you get that down to 90 minutes? (I'm glad I'm not choosing). These clips are pieces from a show that The Museum Of Sex did.
There is so much more.
The Hasidic show was one of the strangest, image-wise.

It is truly wonderful that the movie will document the Jackie energy. I only wish the filming would have taken place over more than the one year period because as whack as that 1999 was so much of the initial years' energy really was busting with total liberation zone antics. Even the stills that are posted from the last year though have that amazing Berlin Dada meets the collective Id vibe that even by 1999 still showed something way deeper. And that was a kind of totaljoy bequeethed by at least 25 years of NYC gaylife and bohemia. Twenty years from now that corner on Washington Street is going to be featured on walking tours.

The one thing that did a very good turn for
J-60 was one of the recent Gay and Lesbian experimental film festivals at Anthology Archives, when they hosted an all Jackie 60 program with film and video from four or five contributors that spanned a lot of the earlier years. There are so few events in recent history matching in power, that equal the potency of some of the memories I have of events from, like, 1972. I think the similarity in the tenor of emotions that is struck comes from the fact that J-60 was a big spark in what really was a kind of micro social revolution. You get that absolute fullness of time feeling.

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