I am looking for pictures of Billy's Topless, inside and out, for the Jackie movie. If you have any that you control the rights to, i.e. you took them yourself--they are not from a magazine or website--and you are willing to give us permission to use them, please let me know via e-mail at jackie60movie@mac.com


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Not only do we need Photos from Billy's, But also we will have a whole list of clubs. As Snowflake cuts the interviews together most everyone mentions specific nights and or clubs that inform the Jackie 60 Lexicon. We are going to post a list of requests in the next few weeks for snapshots from specific nights from NYCs glorious club past (dare I say it) Twenty years or more. Daddy has assured me that he has some great photos in the Jackie Archive, but we are going to need those snap shots from Mudd, Berlin, Pyramid, Cake, Save the Robots, Boy Bar, Etc... You know that one photo from Pyramid of a Black Lipps Performance or a snap of Bunny and Hatty at the first Wigstock or Connie at Boy Bar. We are keeping our requests to exact nights or people who are specific to the Jackie movie . Anyway we will post in about a month. Its finally full steam ahead thanks to Snowflake and a G5 running FCP4 (Apple ForrrrrEverrrr!!) .

Right now I'm mostly in need of photos from outside of Jackie, from Billy's in particular. Photos of the exterior, the interior, dancers from Jackie at Billy's, and Kitty building costumes there, would all be helpful. Shots of Nell's too, especially of Verbal Abuse there.

In the future we will need photos from clubs that were open prior to Jackie. See Niteporter's message from 02-03-04. I'll post a list as more specific needs arise.


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