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I am incredibly excited about the new Kindle - the new reader from Amazon that besides ebooks, stays logged on wirelessly to update all of your favorite blogs.

This seems to me something that would be incredibly useful. I also think it might be cool to release the new Verbal Abuse in this form also.

I will probably buy one this month, and wondered if anyone already has played with one and could share their thoughts.

The video is incredibly cool, though I have heard Kindle's a bit clunky in 1.0. VERY excited about it as a reader, writer and publisher though.
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Chi Chi,

Have you gotten one yet?

I saw someone using one like the day after it came out . . . was at next table at restaurant, and it didn't look as KLUNKY in real life as the photos make it look. I didn't ask the guy if I could see the screen or anything like that, so not sure if what I heard about the font size not being controlable is true or not.

Haven't really heard much about it since the release actually. Haven't seen one since. I was looking on the Sony site a while back and noticed that they too have a reader. . .

it is sort of like the HD-DVD vs. Blue Ray (or the beta vs VHS) . . . in that without one industry standard . . . I don't know what to decide --- and I do like my books.

Years ago I bought this external high-density disk drive that came out at the same time as Zip drives . . . Zip won out, bought that too . . . but now use thumb drives and off-line storage . . .

How many times have I bought Carole King's Tapestry? LP, 8-track, cassette, CD, and ipod download. Eventually I'll just have it downloaded to the chip in my head!

xx Haps
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THIS has been up on the Amazon Kindle page ever since I started this topic Frown

Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information.

Either the thing is wildly popular (hope that's the case) or they really blew production on this one - hard to say. I'll keep you posted!

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