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Hello Motherboarders and Happy New Year!

Please enjoy reading serial installments of
"Marie 1973: The Diary of Marie Stanley" --

Check in (nearly) each day throughout 2013
for a new entry --

Beginning  December 31, 1972 --

January 1, 1973

It is also a blog so you may register and comment.


About  “Marie 1973: The Diary of Marie Stanley”
I moved to New York City on June 15, 1972 within two weeks of my return from my sophomore year at college. I couldn’t go back — my father had gone bankrupt — the sophomore year wasn’t even paid for. That college, St. John’s in Santa Fe, New Mexico, had provided me with two years of intellectual training, and a sanctuary from a hellacious adolescence with a pair of reprobates, my erstwhile parents. As an aspiring author, I had begun to flourish and find my footing as an artist in the rarefied atmosphere of the college, abiding in that elite population… Admittedly I was thus ruined for the prospect of having to earn my own living, and upon the lowest possible rung.

'About"  continued at


This is a project I've been anticipating for quite a while, considering

posting this 'first year in New York" diary forty years

later.   Look forward to hearing from you!



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